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December is fast approaching and I must admit my mind has already started to wonder slightly to what joys the festive season will bring. Obviously there’s the unexpected Christmas party or two, endless battles in queues in a quest to buy that special gift, for that special person in your life? There’s also decorating the tree in the seasons latest trend, but alas all this fades into significance when the it comes to the traditional Christmas dinner preparations, after all who is going to sit next to Grandad again this year, or entertain the food throwing new arrival situated in the highchair? Unfortunately, I haven’t the answers to the fore mentioned. But I do have a little suggestion that may just make life a little easier when it comes to the all important Christmas dessert.

“Desserts!” I hear you shout… Bear with me.

Picture the scene: The crackers have all been pulled, party hats worn, jokes have been told, wine poured and drunk, the table is getting quite rowdy, Grandad is already suggesting charades. What better time to introduce your Pièce De Résistance!!  No, No… As a plastic bucket supplier I’m not going to suggest you fill one of our 10 litre buckets with trifle and have a free for all. I am not even going to suggest you purchase several food pots and send your party guests on their way with desserts in hand.
I am however going to suggest….  ‘Desserts in a Jar’ throughout the internet you will find ‘Desserts’ in a jar, are all the range this season and the internet is a great source for ideas and recipes. A few of my personal favourites include Apple & Custard Pie, Eclairs in a jar, Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding, Blueberry Pie and much more. For quick links to some delicious recipes, visit our Facebook site.

For a range of glass jars just perfect for your desserts, try our Verrine Jars, available in a range of sizes (190ml, 262ml) with a choice of coloured twist-off lids. Perfect if your table has a colour scheme.  There’s also a range of squat jars too.