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How To Achieve A Vintage Style With Your Brand

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Every brand needs to have an identity to make it stand out from the competition. For instance, Innocent Drinks brand themselves as a childish, carefree company, whilst a tech company like Apple positions itself as the authoritative voice on technology and design. But how exactly do you carve out an identity for your brand to differentiate yourself from the pack? We’re here to talk you though a few of our ideas on how to achieve a vintage style brand identity for your beauty, drink or food range.


What you package your product in makes all the difference to how it is perceived, however many vintage packaging options are simply not suitable for the types of product you are selling. Here at Ampulla, we do have a range of study, vintage style packaging options that we think will make your brand achieve the look you desire.

Apothecary Bottles

Our range of apothecary bottles is perfect for bottling fragrances and they double up as fantastic reed diffusers. The old-school styling of the bottle is only accentuated with the addition of the glass stopper, which seals in all your product’s freshness. We think that these bottles would also be a great packaging option for powders and tablets, as well as herbal remedies. Our amber apothecary bottles are ideal for storing light sensitive products such as medicines, as the tinted glass acts as a UV filter to prevent light damage!

Swing Top Bottles

Swing top bottles are ideal for packaging home pressed juices, sloe gins and other old-school drinks such as elderflower cordial. The faceted sides of some models in our range add an extra bit of rustic glamour and the ceramic stopper not only looks great, it’s convenient as well! The stopper is airtight to keep your beverages fresh for longer and is attached to the bottle so you’ll never lose it! Ideal for use in bars and restaurants, as well as for retail use.

vintage style bottles jars

Green Tinted Bottles

We have a small range of olive green glass wine bottles which are traditionally used to store red wine. The green tint of the glass makes red wines look even darker, richer and more appealing to your customers, whilst retaining the air of vintage style that you would expect from a centuries-old vineyard. Fit with a cork stopper to complete this classic look.

Gingham Lids

If you’re selling a range of homemade jams, our glass jam jars are fantastic at projecting a vintage style and rustic look. We have a range of sizes that go from a small 1oz (30ml) right up to a large 2lb (700ml), each of which come with the option to add a twist off lid. These lids are what make these jars so attractive as we have a selection of colours and patterns which include gold, gingham and fruity! We especially recommend the gingham lids if you want to achieve the vintage look. They look great at farmers markets and village fetes!


Your labelling is very much as important as your choice of packaging. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best bottle or jar in the world, if it doesn’t instantly tell your customer what your product is, it isn’t going to sell! Your labels also have to get across your brand personality to your customers with just a glance. So how can you convey that your brand is vintage?

vintage style wine bottles

One thing you could do is use the texture of rustic writing materials, just like the wine maker below has done with their wine labels. The faded beige and brown implies that the labels have been there for a while, and that the wine inside has aged and improved in taste.

This style works for not only beverages, but food and beauty products as well. In order to complete the look, you need to choose a colour scheme and font that reflects your brand. There are so many vintage style fonts that you can pick from, whether you opt for typewriter style, calligraphic or other! Just check out the examples we’ve put together below for some inspiration.

vintage style fonts

In terms of colour, we recommend using brown, beige, gold and green colours to make the most of the rustic aesthetic.

Brand Voice

Finally, a true vintage brand needs to have a backstory. Clearly if your brand is truly vintage and has been around for decades, you will have a long company history that you will be able to condense into a charming tale that you can place on your packaging or a page on your website. If you make sure to weave this backstory into any copy that you produce, you can begin to embed this brand identity into the minds of your customers over time and encourage them to be loyal to your products.

Even if your brand is new to the marketplace, if you are marketing your products under a vintage style, then we assume that you would have a story of how your product was created inspired by the past. Use this link or inspiration from the past to create a connection to your customers in the present and future!

Do you have any tips of your own on how to achieve a vintage style with product branding? Comment below and share them with the world!

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