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30ml Aluminium Jar & 47mm Aluminium Screw Cap

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30ml aluminium jar with EPE lined lid

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Capacity 30ml
Cap size 47mm
Cap type EPE lined aluminium cap
Material Aluminium
Colour Silver
Height 23mm
Diameter 47mm
Box Quantity 450
Pallet Quantity n/a

30ml aluminium jar with 47mm, EPE lined (preserving freshness), screw top lid add a touch of elegance to your product line with high-end, visually appealing jar.

Lightweight and tough suitable for a wide range of cosmetics, confectionery, polishes, waxes, candles and furniture care products.

Qty: 1Ali30mljarx1 0.96
Qty: 25Ali30mljarx25 22.90
Qty: 50Ali30mljarx50 43.39
Qty: 100Ali30mljarx100 84.37
Qty: 250Ali30mljarx250 192.85
Qty: 600Ali30mljarx600 433.92
Qty: 1200Ali30mljarx1200 809.98
Qty: 1800Ali30mljarx1800 1171.58
Qty: 3600Ali30mljarx3600 2256.38

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