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8ml Spray Pens – In stock this June

8ml refillable spray pen

Helping your fight against, smells and viruses.

At first glance you’ll be forgiven for thinking you are actually looking at an ordinary writing pen, but as in the world of superheroes, look again my friend. This is no ordinary writing pen, but a cleverly disguised spray container! The 8ml capacity ensures you and your customers don’t need muscles of steel to lift and carry bottle loads of scented fragrances and perfumes in your hand and travel bags, or have the need for bulging biceps as you carry bucket loads of antibacterial hand wash around school and hospital corridors. This handy sized pen, fits easily into any pocket, clips to any belt and drops into any small hand or luggage bag.

This mini superhero spray pen creates a fine mist application, great for fast and convenient sun oil protection for the superheroes out fighting crime in the sunshine, or for the superheroes amongst you, needing to change in telephone boxes after a busy day in the office and seek a quick spray of deodorant or, not being sexiest perfume? Or when fighting against the evil world of viruses and need to produce a quick blast of anti-bacterial. Our hero spray pen is there to help at anytime, day or night. Helping you or your customers in the fight against, harmful rays, strong smells and evil viruses.

Reusable/refillable, some would say it’s the ideal travelling companion, others say, small but giant in the world of uses…. Order yours today and make your own mind up? Errrrrr, just an after thought, you’ll find our 8ml spray pen small enough to discreetly fit into any bright coloured lycra suit. (If anyone is interested)

If 8ml is just a little to small for your fight against the world of smells, viruses and infection,  we do a large selection of spray and trigger bottles too!