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Eid Recipes

13 Eid Recipes For a Fabulous Feast

Celebrated at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr is a time of great celebration for Muslims all over the world. For Muslims, Ramadan is a month of fasting – so it’s only right to mark the end of this annual observance with a fantastic feast. From sumptuous suhoor ideas to incredible iftar fare, these Eid recipes inspired by cultures all over the world are sure to give you some great inspiration for this year’s celebration.


In many Muslim cultures, it’s tradition to eat dates to break your fast. These breakfast recipes are the perfect follow-up for the morning of Eid.


This sweet semolina pudding is served across the Arab region as a breakfast. Popular in Tunisia, Morocco and other north African countries, it’s usually made from semolina, water, and salt, with honey to sweeten in. This breakfast dish is traditionally served on Eid-al-Mawlid to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday, as it was said to be one of his favourite foods.

You can store leftover Assida in an airtight jar. Serve it with raisins, dates or almonds as a dessert.

Gurh Seviyan

Made from vermicelli, Gurh Seviyan is a Pakistani breakfast dish that oozes with spicy sweetness. Gurh Seviyan is flavoured with rosewater and cardamom, which combine to give the dish a distinctive aroma. Serve it warm for maximum richness.


Whet your appetite for the main event with one of these delicious drinks.


Chai tastes a little different everywhere you drink it. Every country, neighbourhood, and household has a slightly different recipe – some are sweet, some are even a little spicy. All of them are delicious! Made with sweetened boiled milk, it’s the perfect drink to have with your Eid breakfast or desserts.

Mango & Coconut Smoothie

For a tropical twist on a more traditional mango lassi, this blended mango drink contains coconut water, lemon, mint, and ice for a refreshing thirst quencher. Make a massive batch for your Eid party guests – you can also store any leftovers in these glass bottles to keep them fresh.

Meat Recipes For Eid

Onto the main meal! These meaty Eid recipes are sure to be the main event of your mouth-watering feast.

Lamb Fattah

This Egyptian Lamb Fattah is a traditional Eid meal. However, since many of the ingredients are available in standard supermarkets, it’s actually a fantastic recipe to try at any time of year. Chunks of tender lamb are tossed with rice, served on a platter of flatbreads and drizzled with a flavourful tomato sauce.

Beef Rendang

Red meat is a mainstay of many Eid dinner celebrations, and this Malaysian beef rendang won’t disappoint. With slow-cooked tender beef and a rich, tangy curry sauce, it’s a delicious centrepiece for any Eid feast.

Murgh Seekh Kebab

Veggie Mains & Sides For Eid

If red meat isn’t really your thing, you can’t beat these juicy chicken kebabs. Flavoured with ginger and coriander, they offer a refreshing alternative to more spicy meat dishes. They’re also perfect as a side dish if you have a houseful.

If you’re feeding veggie guests, or you’re going for a meat-free celebration this year, here are some tasty vegetarian-friendly recipes for your table.


Shakshuka is an everyday recipe that’s popular across the Middle East – but that’s no reason to shun it from your Eid spread. Bake eggs into a spicy tomato sauce and garnish with parsley, pepper and paprika. It’s a great option for small-scale celebrations, or as a veggie side dish.

Harissa Aubergine Kebabs

This delicious twist on a kebab looks super impressive, so it won’t look out of place with the rest of your Eid banquet. Traditionally made using lamb or beef, this veggie kebab has all the same spicy Middle Eastern flavours, so it’s sure to be a treat even for the fiercest meat-eaters.

Eid Sweets & Desserts


In many countries, Eid is synonymous with Maamoul – delicious crumbly biscuits with a sweet date centre. Made from semolina, butter, and scented rosewater, these moreish maamoul are a fantastic way to finish your Eid feast (or for sneaky snacking while you cook).

Carrot Halwa

This dish is popular in northern India and Pakistan – and making it is no easy feat. It takes a while to prepare and cook, so it’s perfect for a special occasion. For a rich dessert, make this delicious dessert with whole milk – and for extra decadence, serve with vanilla ice cream!

Eid is a celebration that deserves a banquet – and as with any feast, there’s sure to be leftovers! Make sure you have plenty of food jars to keep your leftover food fresh, ready for eating the next day.