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jars for homemade jam

The Best Jars For Homemade Jam

It’s a fact: delicious homemade jams deserve fabulous jars. Top quality jam jars with sturdy lids are really important for keeping preserves fresh for as long as possible, so you’ll need to invest in some great jars for homemade jam. Take a look at our favourite jam jars and pick your favourite!

Classic Jam Jars

These classic-look jam jars are perfect for your classic jam flavours – raspberry, strawberry, plum and apricot. With flat rounded sides, they’re easy to label if you’re giving them as gifts (or even just want to remember which flavour is which). Available here with metal twist-off lids, they’re designed to keep your jams fresher for longer. Here are our favourites – you can also shop the full range here.

Shop Our Classic Jam Jars

30ml Mini Jam Jar For Homemade Jams 150ml Glass Jam Jar 125ml Glass Food Jar
30ml Mini Jam Jars 150ml Glass Jam Jars 125ml Glass Food Jars

Orcio Jars

These Orcio jars add a Mediterranean flex to your homemade jams. Inspired by the beautiful shape of Italian Orcio pots, these jars are ideal for more decadent flavours. Think hot chilli jam, gooseberry and vanilla, or even rhubarb and gin. Take a look at the full collection here.

Shop Our Orcio Jars

106ml Orcio Jars For Homemade Jams 212ml Orcio Jars For Homemade Jam 125ml Glass Food Jars For Homemade Jam
106ml Orcio Jar 212ml Orcio Jar 314ml Orcio Jars

Hexagonal Jam Jars

For a country farmhouse flourish, you can’t go wrong with these hexagonal jam jars. The shape radiates rustic warmth, and you can choose jar lids in a range of colours and patterns for an added personal touch. Shop the full range here.

Shop Our Hexagonal Jars

45ml Hexagonal Jars For Homemade Jams 190ml Hexagonal Jars For Homemade Jam 280ml Hexagonal Jars For Homemade Jam
45ml Hexagonal Jars 190ml Hexagonal Jars 280ml Hexagonal Jars

Square Jam Jars

Our range of square jam jars is perfect for a modern, angular look. With flat sides and an elegant neck, these jars are fabulous for more innovative flavours. They’re also popular for savoury options, such as chutneys, relishes and condiments. Choose your preferred size below.

Shop Our Square Jam Jars

200ml Square Jars With Lids 282ml Square Jar & Gold Lid 282ml Square Jar & Button Lid
200ml Square Jar & Lid 282ml Square Jar & Gold Lid 282ml Square Jar & Button Lid

All our jam jars are available in quantities to suit you. For homemade jams, you can buy any number of containers in our online store – starting from just one jar. Choose from a huge range of affordable glass jars, with or without lids. You’re sure to find the perfect jars for homemade jam here!