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Go Back In Time With Our Swing Top Bottles!

swing top bottles

Whether it’s clothes, home decor or music; vintage style is very much in vogue in 2018. Get your drinks brand on board with this trend with our stylish Swing Top Bottles! “But what’s so good about these bottles” we hear you shout? Well, let us tell you…

Why Pick Swing Top Bottles?

They Have A Practical Design

The main attraction of Swing Top Bottles is their old-school, vintage shape paired with the ceramic swing top closures. This type of closure was invented way back in 1875 by a man called Charles de Quillfeldt in the United States, who saw the need for a change from the traditional cork stoppers. The swing top closures enabled the drinks to be sealed shut again to prevent from contamination and to keep them fresh, something which you cannot do with a cork stopper – once it’s out, it stays out. With the new stopper, the bottle could be resealed in a jiffy! Now people didn’t have to drink their whole beverage at once, as it could be resealed and kept for later without the fear of it spilling or spoiling.

They’re Oozing With Nostalgia

If we were to arrange a lifestyle magazine shoot to show off our Swing Top Bottles, we would start with a sunny day and a red checked picnic blanket! Just imagine for a minute, that you’re sitting on a picnic blanket in a field, surrounded by hampers of food, kids and animals running about, no phones or iPads there to distract you from the great outdoors. Then imagine cracking open a Swing Top Bottle filled with ice cold homemade lemonade… We think that these bottles have the ability to take your mind back to a simpler time such as the 50’s and 60’s – even if you were never there in the first place!

They Are Luxurious

The Swing Top Bottles are made from high quality glass, which has been moulded into a faceted design on the larger bottles. The way that the light bounces off these facets creates an attractive glimmering illusion and makes the bottles look even more luxurious to customers! The fact that they are made out of glass instead of plastic is also an additional factor into making your end product more valuable to your consumers, as they feel more heavy and valuable compared to flexible plastic.

There Are Lots Of Sizes Available!

Our Swing Top Bottles come in sizes ranging from 100ml to 1 Litre, all of which come complete with the ceramic stopper and clasp. This gives you the flexibility to expand your product range if you so desire, with options to offer single servings and family sized portions of your beverages. They would look at home both on the stalls of a farmers market and the shelves of a major supermarket, suitable for small and large businesses alike. They offer plenty of room to add your branded labels and stickers around the body of the bottle, but you could even tie labels around the long bottlenecks for a more rustic look!

What Can You Use Them For?

So many types of products can be stored in these fantastic bottles, including:

  • Soft Drinks;
  • Smoothies;
  • Flavoured Milk;
  • Spirits;
  • even Oils and Dressings!

But the decision is up to you! Check out the full range by clicking here.

Like our Swing Top Bottles? Then we think you’ll love our Black PET Bottles… they’re out of this world!
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New glass drinks bottles

New glass drinks bottles

Green glass drinks bottlesYou may already be familiar with our wide range of glass drinks bottles, which for years have been popular with large-scale producers, small distilleries and even home brewers. These industry standard bottles are relied upon time after time for looking the part, while being functional too. Made from high quality glass, with a variety of closure options, our glass drinks bottles are a safe choice for bottling your spirits, liqueurs, wines, beers, ciders, flavoured waters, fruit juices, cordials and lemonades.


We understand that, despite the large variety of bottles that we stock, we don’t always have the colour, size and style that you’re looking for. However, we are constantly adding new products to our range and, as such, are pleased to introduce you to our new ‘Mountain’, ‘Costalata’ and ‘Flask’ bottles – so now you have an even bigger choice of glass bottles for your beverages!


Costalata swing top bottlesOur popular glass ‘Mountain’ bottles are now available in green, in the following sizes: 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre.

Previously only available in clear glass, our versatile ‘Mountain’ bottles are now available in green. Green glass bottles have been used for many years and are a symbol of quality in the drinks industry. With a choice of coloured tamper evident lids, customers will be reassured that there has been no contamination during transit and storage. Our green Mountain bottles are suitable for still and carbonated drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.


Just added to our ‘Swing Top Bottles’ range: the 500ml and 1 litre ‘Costalata’ bottles.

Made from quality heavy-duty glass, with a faceted design and ceramic stopper including airtight rubber seal, our swing top bottles will add style and professionalism to any beverage. 500ml and 1 litre sized swing top bottles are now available, in addition to our 250ml and 750ml bottles, so you can use them for a full range of drinks.


Coming soon: our new vintage look 200ml ‘Flask’ whiskey bottle.

The 200ml ‘Flask’ whiskey bottle is made from strong, quality clear glass in a vintage design, with a ‘Polycone’ cap for a tight, reliable seal. Choose this bottle if you want to give a traditional look to whiskeys, liqueurs and spirits. Whether it’s sloe gin, cranberry vodka, or blackberry whiskey that you need to package, this bottle is an ideal size for gifts, food markets and distillery shops.


Flask whiskey bottle coming soon










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Brighten up your BBQ food this summer

Barbeque food header

As the mornings gradually start to become darker, it’s a sure sign that summer will soon be coming to an end and then it will be too cold, wet and windy for barbeques and al fresco dining. We only have four weeks left until it’s officially autumn, so it’s time to make the most of the remaining weeks of summer while we still can.

glass jar of relish


At Ampulla we have a huge range of glass and plastic food and drink packaging, which can be used for homemade relishes, salad dressings and sauces as well as speciality cordials, spirits and cocktails. So add another dimension to your otherwise standard barbeque fare with some mouth-watering accompaniments, served in some tasty looking bottles and jars, which can be kept and re-used long after summer has bitten the dust.


No barbeque would be complete without a selection of homemade relishes, chutneys and sauces to compliment succulent burgers and hotdogs. Whether it’s hot chili sauce, fresh tomato relish or apple and onion chutney that tickles your taste buds, our plastic sauce and dressing bottles and glass chutney jars are perfect for storing and serving it in.


Salad dressing bottleSalads make a great side dish for meat and fish, but also provide guests with a healthy or vegetarian option. You can easily make your own salad dressings and infused oils and give them a professional look by serving them in our glass sauce and dressing bottles. To make a heart healthy avocado dressing, just mix lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, avocado flesh and a few drops of Tabasco sauce in a food blender.


You can’t do without some fresh fruit juices, lemonades or cocktails to wash down all that tasty food with. Our plastic juice bottles, glass water and drinks bottles and swing top bottles are perfect for bottling your favourite tipple or homemade cocktails. How about a daiquiri made with seasonal raspberries, or fresh blackcurrant cordial for the kids? Whichever you choose, don’t delay or it’ll be autumn before you know it!