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Squeezable sauce bottles for convenient condiments

Squeezable sauce bottles

Squeezable sauce bottles

Picture the scenario; after a long, hard day at work, you’re sitting down, about to tuck into a plate of good old fish and chips. You reach for the ketchup, take the lid off and tip it upside down…and nothing comes out. No matter how hard you shake or hit the bottle, your ketchup won’t come out. Wouldn’t life be easier if you had a squeezable bottle, which dispenses your ketchup with a simple squeeze and never gets stuck?

180ml plastic squeezer bottleWell, you’re in luck. You, or your customers, can use convenient, reliable squeezable sauce bottles, not just for ketchup, but for any sauce, syrup or dressing you like. Our squeezable sauce bottles are great for handmade sauces, as well as large-scale production lines. The bottles are available in 180ml, 250ml and 425ml capacity, ideal for home use, café and restaurant tables, food gift sets or for selling at food markets, farm shops, delicatessens, artisan shops or wherever you like.

Our squeezable sauce bottles are manufactured from food grade, crystal clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, so you can see the colour, texture and fill level of the product in the bottle. Squeezer bottles are suitable for a wide range of condiments, such as: preserves (honey and jam); sweet syrups (agave, maple, chocolate, strawberry); chutneys; salad cream and mayonnaise; dressings and sauces (tomato, chipotle, tartar, mustard, ranch, blue cheese, sweet chili, barbeque) and much more.

Induction heat sealing caps

IHS flip top capsEach squeezable bottle comes with a handy flip top lid. Not only do the lids make dispensing sauces quick and easy – they can also accommodate sauces of different consistencies. The frosted black flip top cap has a 6mm opening, suitable for oils and vinaigrettes. Our smooth black flip to cap has a mid-sized 10mm valve opening, fitting for honey and other syrups. For thicker dressings, such as relish, mayonnaise and chili sauces, the 12mm opening on the smooth white flip top cap is ideal.

If you require extra protection from contamination for your product, you can make use of the caps’ induction heat seal (IHS) lining. You will need an induction sealing machine to create the seal across the neck of the bottle. This seal then needs to be removed by the consumer before dispensing the product. Alternatively, the caps can be used without this seal. All of our squeezable sauce bottles have a 38mm neck opening, making them easy to fill too. We think you’ll agree that you can’t get more convenient than our squeezer bottles.

If you need some bulk catering sauce bottles, take a look at our large dispenser bottles – ideal for burger vans and catering trailers.

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