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The Best Juice Bottles For All Your Fruity Concoctions

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Thinking of starting up a small, homemade juicing business? Can’t find the best juice bottles to use in mass production? We’ve got you covered! Here at Ampulla, we stock a huge variety of plastic and glass juice bottles to suit all of your needs and perfectly showcase your tasty creations.

Best Juice Bottles

All the best juice bottles need to be the right size for your product line, easy to fill, sturdy and of course attractive to your customers! We believe that we’ve got a bottle for every occasion and hope that we can fulfil your business needs with one of our best juice bottles in our collections.

Plastic Juice Bottles

Firstly, we have our Standard Plastic Juice and Smoothie Bottles, which are available in a range of shapes and sizes: from 150ml right up to 1 litre. We offer huge savings when you buy in bulk, for example on our 250ml Clear Plastic Juice Bottle, which is priced individually at 50p but goes down to as low as just 32p per bottle when you buy 3024 units! The juice bottles come in both clear and opaque designs so you can choose whether you want your juice to be seen through the bottle or prefer to rely on great branding. Plastic bottles are only to be used for cold drinks; please do not use them to package hot drinks as this poses a health and safety risk.

If our standard juice bottles aren’t quite what you’re looking for, why not try out one of our Slim Shaped Juice Bottles? As you might expect from the name, these juice bottles are slimmer than the standard models and come in slightly smaller sizes. The largest version of this range is only 250ml, which makes these bottles a great option if your juice is going to be sold in single servings. The benefits of choosing a slim bottle is that it features large flat sides which are ideal for placing branded labels without having to negotiate sloping shoulders up to the bottle neck.

best juice bottles plastic

Our Curvy Juice Bottles are one of our more recent additions and they have now become some of our favourites! The attractive shape of these plastic bottles actually creates a natural handle for customers to get a firm grip on. They come in a great range of sizes, from 330ml right up to 1 litre, so you have the option to use the same bottle if you want to sell single servings alongside bottles that can serve multiple people. Find out more about Curvy Juice Bottles in one of our showcase features.

Our Square Plastic Juice Bottles are very distinctive and not seen around very often, making them a great choice if your drink is quirky or little bit different. Just like the slim bottles, the straight sides of the bottle makes it easy for you to place your branded labels and as if this wasn’t enough, we’ve made sure that these bottles are available in our most popular sizes: 250ml, 330ml and 500ml!

Benefits of using plastic juice bottles:

  • They are robust and lightweight;
  • They are made using PET or HDPE plastic which are both fully recyclable;
  • They come with the option of adding tamper evident lids to give you and your consumers peace of mind about the quality of your product.


Glass Juice Bottles

Just like our plastic bottles, we have a collection of standard glass bottles alongside some ranges that are slightly different. Our Standard Glass Juice Bottles are made from crystal clear glass which is moulded into a curved shape to form a natural handle. These are our most cost effective glass bottles and are perfect for use on mass production lines to keep costs down and improve your margins. Sizes range from 250ml up to 710ml.

If you want your product to look retro and have a more vintage feel to it, we recommend using one of our Glass Swing Top Bottles. Each bottle is fitted with an airtight ceramic stopper that is fixed into place with an attached metal clasp, ensuring that your beverage does not get contaminated. These bottles ooze old-school style; with green tinted glass and a faceted design that your customers will love. As well as juices, we think that beverages such as milk and smoothies would also look fantastic in these, and they are also suitable for use with carbonated drinks.

best juice bottles glass

Finally, our Frescor Traditional Glass Bottles are another great choice if you’re going for a more traditional look. They are the classic milk bottle shape and come with a gold topped, twist off cap to really complete the look. This cap can be changed to silver or black in some cases if you wish. The lids are rubber lined to preserve the freshness of your product and are compatible with our shrink sleeves too, so you can create a tamper evident seal to give extra peace of mind to your customers.

Benefits of using glass juice bottles:

  • They can add value to your brand;
  • Perfect for vintage, traditional products;
  • Great variety of designs.


Find all our best juice bottles at or give our team a call on 0161 367 1414 to get further advice from our friendly team.


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New glass drinks bottles

New glass drinks bottles

Green glass drinks bottlesYou may already be familiar with our wide range of glass drinks bottles, which for years have been popular with large-scale producers, small distilleries and even home brewers. These industry standard bottles are relied upon time after time for looking the part, while being functional too. Made from high quality glass, with a variety of closure options, our glass drinks bottles are a safe choice for bottling your spirits, liqueurs, wines, beers, ciders, flavoured waters, fruit juices, cordials and lemonades.


We understand that, despite the large variety of bottles that we stock, we don’t always have the colour, size and style that you’re looking for. However, we are constantly adding new products to our range and, as such, are pleased to introduce you to our new ‘Mountain’, ‘Costalata’ and ‘Flask’ bottles – so now you have an even bigger choice of glass bottles for your beverages!


Costalata swing top bottlesOur popular glass ‘Mountain’ bottles are now available in green, in the following sizes: 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre.

Previously only available in clear glass, our versatile ‘Mountain’ bottles are now available in green. Green glass bottles have been used for many years and are a symbol of quality in the drinks industry. With a choice of coloured tamper evident lids, customers will be reassured that there has been no contamination during transit and storage. Our green Mountain bottles are suitable for still and carbonated drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.


Just added to our ‘Swing Top Bottles’ range: the 500ml and 1 litre ‘Costalata’ bottles.

Made from quality heavy-duty glass, with a faceted design and ceramic stopper including airtight rubber seal, our swing top bottles will add style and professionalism to any beverage. 500ml and 1 litre sized swing top bottles are now available, in addition to our 250ml and 750ml bottles, so you can use them for a full range of drinks.


Coming soon: our new vintage look 200ml ‘Flask’ whiskey bottle.

The 200ml ‘Flask’ whiskey bottle is made from strong, quality clear glass in a vintage design, with a ‘Polycone’ cap for a tight, reliable seal. Choose this bottle if you want to give a traditional look to whiskeys, liqueurs and spirits. Whether it’s sloe gin, cranberry vodka, or blackberry whiskey that you need to package, this bottle is an ideal size for gifts, food markets and distillery shops.


Flask whiskey bottle coming soon