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designing labels for bottles

Top Tips For Designing Labels For Bottles

by [email protected]

You’ve got a great formula, a cracking logo, and customers ready to buy. All you need now is a great look for your bottle – but if you’re not a natural designer, this is easier said than done. If you don’t have the budget to pay a professional, here’s our guide to designing labels for […]

Sustainable Packaging Materials On Yellow And Green Background

Guide To Sustainable Packaging Materials 2020

by [email protected]

It’s a fact: from food to face masks, pretty much all physical products need some kind of packaging. Whether it’s purely for postage purposes, or because your product needs protection, packaging is hugely important in the retail sector. Packaging is important for a whole host of reasons – from increasing awareness of your brand to […]

How To Brew Your Own Cider

by richard

Over in the USA, apple cider is a soft drink that is essentially just concentrated apple juice. But we all know that traditional British cider is where it’s at… Here in the UK, apple cider is fermented, which makes it alcoholic and it is revered as being a quintessential taste of summer, a staple of […]