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We Were Featured In The TOWIE Halloween Episode!

This week, Ampulla is proud to have supplied the production team of The Only Way Is Essex with a variety of bottles for their spooky Halloween episode with aired on the 29th October. Lime Pictures Ltd approached us and we were only too happy to oblige!

The theme for this year’s The Only Way Is Essex Halloween episode was inspired by Great Expectations, so the team were looking for 1800’s style Halloween props. Our 750ml Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles were simply perfect for the theme, so we sent over some of these bottles to Lime Pictures and eagerly awaited the airing of the episode!

Our 750ml Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles were draped with creepy cobwebs and filled with candles which were lit and melted over the sides of the bottles to create an eerie effect. These bottles are fantastic because the green-tinted glass gives the bottles a rustic, traditional feel, which makes them ideal bottles for use in packaging vintage wines at long-established vineyards, as well as for 1800’s inspired decorations!

TOWIE Halloween episode screenshot 1

We have three ways that you can buy our Olive Green Glass Wine Bottles: without a cap, with a cork or buy in bulk per pallet.

Our cheapest option for these bottles is to buy them without a cap, which can cost as little as 47p per unit when you buy in large quantities. However, with no minimum order, you can order as little or as many as you wish! The bottles have a 20mm neck, which makes them compatible with 20mm caps as well as corks.

If you want to buy your bottles with a closure included, you can go to our listing which includes a cork stopper with each bottle. The corks are lubricated with silicone so that they fit snugly into the bottle necks and add to that old-school styling. They’re ideal for local vineyards and mass wine producers alike to bottle their deep, rich red wines.

olive green glass wine bottles halloween episode

If you want to buy in much larger quantities, we have the option to buy these bottles per pallet, with a minimum order quantity of 2 pallets (1680 units). We advise that if you are considering this option that you ring our team on 0161 367 1414 to check stock availability and the lead time, which can be up to three weeks if stock is low.

Find the full TOWIE Halloween episode at ITV Hub and watch before the 28th November 2017.