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10 Homemade DIY Secret Santa Gifts To Make This Year

DIY Secret Santa Gifts

DIY Secret Santa seems like such a fun idea… until you have to think of something to make. Lucky for you, we’ve done our research and created a list of 10 fabulous DIY Secret Santa gifts you can make this year. Most of these gifts are time and budget-friendly, so you can give a great gift without breaking the bank.

Check out our 10 favourite homemade DIY Secret Santa gifts below.

1. Hot Chocolate Mix

hot chocolate mix - diy secret santa gifts

There are few things more festive than a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night – so gift your friend their very own hot chocolate mix! Include marshmallows, a chocolate flake, biscuits for dunking, and maybe even a miniature dram of their favourite tipple. Store in this stylish jar for maximum presentation points.

Image & tutorial at The Pioneer Woman.

2. Beard Oil

beard oil - diy secret santa gifts

Drawn the guy with the world’s bushiest beard? Help him take care of his facial fuzz with a mini bottle of beard oil. It’s mega easy to whip up your own. You’ll need essential oils, a carrier oil, a stylish dropper bottle and a label.

Image & tutorial at The Merry Thought.

3. Coffee Cup Sleeve

coffee cup sleeve - diy secret santa gifts

This is the perfect DIY Secret Santa gift for your coffee-fiend colleagues. These cute reusable coffee cup sleeves can be made from whatever fabric you have to hand. They’re easy to make, and great for the environment – no more cardboard sleeves from the coffee shop!

Image & tutorial at Crafty Staci.

4. Citrus Marmalade

citrus marmalade - diy secret santa gifts

Foodie gifts always go down a treat at Secret Santa, and this delicious marmalade is no exception! Give your classic orange marmalade a spicy citrus twist, with grapefruit, star anise and lime flavours. Store in a budget-friendly jam jar and finish with a festive ribbon!

Image & tutorial at Country Living.

5. Limoncello

limoncello - diy secret santa gifts

Secret Santa wouldn’t be the same without some boozy ideas, so here’s ours: tangy, fresh limoncello. The recipe is super easy to follow, and it’s something a little different to your usual Christmas tipples (Baileys, we’re looking at you). These handsome Polo bottles are perfect for gifting your homemade limoncello.

Image at Alexandra Cooks.

6. Monogrammed Soap Bottle

mason jar cocktails - handmade christmas gift ideas

Make the ultimate 2020 gift with this personalised lotion bottle. It’s perfect for teachers, colleagues, classmates, friends and family. Fill your monogrammed bottle with hand sanitiser to make a desk-friendly gift for your Secret Santa recipient. Clear empty soap bottles are available here.

Image & tutorial at The Idea Room.

7. Reindeer Beer Bottles

reindeer beer bottles - diy secret santa gifts

Sticking googly eyes and pipe cleaners on a crate of beer definitely counts as DIY in our book. This works best with amber beer bottles (bonus points if it’s homebrew!) but you can use any crate you like. Switch up the beers you choose to make sure they’re your Secret Santa recipient’s ultimate fave.

Image & tutorial at Life Of A Modern Mom.

8. Mason Jar Cocktails

mason jar cocktails

Know a mixologist in the making? This is the perfect gift for them. Put all the ingredients for your friend’s favourite cocktail in a stylish glass mason jar so they have a delicious festive drink at the ready on Christmas day. Finish with a festive ribbon! Shop all our Le Parfait jars here.

Image & tutorial at Something Turquoise.

9. BBQ Kit

barbecue kit - diy secret santa gifts

It may not be BBQ season, but we’re sure the carnivores in your life will appreciate this gift nonetheless. Make your own barbecue sauce and store it in these great value sauce bottles. Add a new chopping board and some tongs, and you’re all set. Level up this gift with a homemade spice rub – food-safe storage jars available here.

Image at Good Housekeeping.

10. Faux Cross Stitch Socks

mason jar cocktails

This is the perfect budget-friendly DIY Secret Santa gift for anyone in your friendship group. You don’t need any sewing skills – the cross-stitch effect is achieved with fabric paint rather than thread, so just about anyone can make this thrifty, stylish gift.

Image & tutorial at Club Crafted.

Still stuck for ideas? We’ve got tons more handmade Christmas gift ideas this way!

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30 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

handmade christmas gift ideas

We’re big fans of homemade gifts – and since you’re here, we’re guessing you are, too! Whether you and your pals have a DIY Secret Santa pact, or you’re just looking to surprise your nearest and dearest with a cute homemade surprise, you’ll find handmade Christmas gift ideas for everyone you know right here!

Scroll to find fabulous DIY handmade Christmas gift ideas you can make this festive season.

1. Pine Scented Candle

pine scented candle - handmade christmas gift ideas

Make the whole house smell of Christmas trees with this adorable pine-scented candle. Collect fresh sprigs of pine or pinecones and attach them to the neck of your candle jar or votive for an extra flourish. You can find various candle jar styles available here!

Image & tutorial at Sugar & Charm.

2. Reindeer Beer Bottles

reindeer beer bottles - handmade christmas gift ideas

This one’s super easy – a festive twist on a classic gift! Use pipe cleaners, felt and googly eyes to transform a crate of beer bottles into a herd of reindeer. For extra DIY gift points, make the beer yourself, too! Homebrew beer bottles available here.

Image & tutorial at Life Of A Modern Mom.

3. Christmas Hampers

christmas hampers - handmade christmas gift ideas

Everyone appreciates a gift basket full of their favourite goodies. Handmade Christmas hampers are easy to personalise for everyone – from foodies to sports fans to kids! Take a look and find out where to start.

4. Hot Chocolate Mix

hot chocolate mix - handmade christmas gift ideas

Complete with marshmallows, chocolate flakes and your favourite festive flavours, these hot chocolate mixes make fantastic gifts for kids and grown-ups alike. Wrap your mix in plastic gift bags and a cute Christmas mug, or for a more refined look, store them in these chic Le Parfait jars.

Image & tutorial at The Pioneer Woman.

5. Snow Globes

snow globes - handmade christmas gift ideas

These gorgeous snow scene snow globes work as gifts, or as part of your own Christmas decor. Experiment with your favourite figurines, trees, pinecones and more. Shop for the perfect jar to create your snow globe in our range.

Image & tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.

6. Beard Oil

beard oil - handmade christmas gift ideas

When it comes to haircare, no man should neglect his beard – so gift him some homemade beard oil! Packed with vitamin E and your choice of fragrant essential oils, it’s a great way to offer some much-needed pampering. Package them in these amber dropper bottles for added style.

Image & tutorial at The Merry Thought.

7. Scratch Off Adventure Map

This one’s perfect for the person you know who’s always on the lookout for their next adventure. Help them keep track of their travels and inspire their wanderlust with this cute DIY scratch-off travel map!

8. Infused Vodka

infused vodka

Infused spirits are fabulous as part of a gift hamper, cocktail set or as party favours. Choose your favourite flavours and spice up your Russian Standard with these fabulous recipes. Bottle your infusions in these miniature bottles for a gorgeous handmade Christmas gift!

Image & tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

9. Pedicure Gift Set

pedicure gift set - handmade christmas gift ideas

Treat your loved ones to an at-home pedicure – and best of all, you don’t need to go anywhere near their tootsies. Supply them with everything they need to give their feet a good buff and polish in this gift set. They’ll be back on their feet in no time!

Image & tutorial at A Night Owl Blog.

10. Christmas Pot Pourri

christmas pot pourri - handmade christmas gift ideas

Fill a shallow glass jar with Christmas scented pot pourri and give the gift of festive fragrances! Find some tried-and-tested recipes in this tutorial, or use your favourite Yuletide scents, including cinnamon sticks, dried fruit, star anise and more.

Image & tutorial at Delia Creates.

11. Chunky Knit Blanket

chunky knit blanket

This gorgeous chunky knit blanket is perfect for cosy winter nights. It’s one of our favourite handmade Christmas gift ideas for families, couples or pretty much anyone who loves feeling cosy. The best part? No knitting paraphernalia needed.

Image & tutorial at Lily Ardor.

12. Gingerbread Body Butter

gingerbread body butter - handmade christmas gift ideas

Another gorgeous gift idea for those at-home spa sessions – and this time it smells like gingerbread! This gift smells so good you’ll want to taste it (though we wouldn’t recommend it). Store in a sealed jar and keep for up to 6 months.

Image & tutorial at Frugal Mom Eh.

13. Sloe Gin

sloe gin - handmade christmas gift ideas

Sloe gin takes a little time to mature, so this might be one for next Christmas, if you’ve started your pressie-planning a little late this year (I mean, who hasn’t?). Find out the best time to harvest sloe berries, and how you can transform them into a delicious tipple.

14. DIY Terrarium Kit

DIY terrarium

Give the gift of nature this Christmas with this adorable DIY terrarium kit. It’s a great statement decor item, and can also be used to teach kids about plants and ecosystems. Find the perfect jar in our collection and start building your own terrarium gift.

Image & tutorial at Wit & Whistle.

15. Coffee Cup Sleeve

coffee cup sleeve - handmade christmas gift ideas

This is handy for just about anyone who has a cold commute in the morning. Stitch up some reusable coffee cup sleeves in a fabric of your choice. Your gift recipients can do their bit for the environment, plus add a personal touch to their morning brew!

Image & tutorial at Crafty Staci.

16. Dried Flowers

coffee cup sleeve - handmade christmas gift ideas

Press and dry flowers for a beautiful decorative display. These flowers look stunning in simple vases – or for a vintage look, try displaying them in these gorgeous apothecary bottles. They’ll last longer than traditional flowers, and look really unique. Your gift recipient is sure to love them!

Image & tutorial at Country Living.

17. Snowball Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Add some festive fun to bathtime with these snowball-inspired bath bombs. Scent with peppermint oil and tie together with a cute (free!) printable tag. Pop in a pamper hamper or use as a Christmas stocking filler.

Image & tutorial at The Inspiration Board.

18. BBQ Kit

barbecue kit - handmade christmas gift ideas

You can DIY as much or as little of this idea as you like. Whether you decide to make your own BBQ sauce and spice mix and package it with tongs and a chopping board, or treat them to their favourite BBQ brands, the grill-happy people you know are sure to love a DIY barbecue kit. For homemade sauces & spice rubs, find on-budget sauce bottles here.

Image at Good Housekeeping.

19. Limoncello

limoncello - handmade christmas gift ideas

This limoncello recipe is easy to follow, uses fresh lemons for that distinctive zingy flavour, and produces delicious limoncello in copious quantities. Bottle it in a tall bottle for a single gift, or share the love and distribute it in these stylish miniature bottles.

Image at Alexandra Cooks.

20. Pooch Bow Tie

doggy bow tie - handmade christmas gift ideas

Here’s one for the family Fido! Give your pooch a festive makeover by making them their very own bow tie. Choose a chic subtle fabric like the one recommended in this tutorial, or select one in your favourite Christmas colours. Your pup will be the belle of the ball this Christmas!

Image & tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

21. Citrus Marmalade

citrus marmalade - handmade christmas gift ideas

Spice up your classic orange marmalade with this festive fruit twist. Adding lime, grapefruit and star anise to this delicious breakfast spread is a fantastic way to make Christmas morning a little more sparkly. Fill these stylish Orcio jars with your citrus marmalade and tie a cute Christmas ribbon round the neck.

Image & tutorial at Country Living.

22. Mason Jar Cocktails

mason jar cocktails

Fill a mason jar with all the elements for your friend’s favorite cocktail, and you’re onto a winner already. Spruce up the mason jar with a ribbon and a fun message, and that’s handmade Secret Santa sorted! Get mason jars for your project here.

Image & tutorial at Something Turquoise.

23. Christmas Countdown Candle

mason jar cocktails - handmade christmas gift ideas

This stunning minimalist countdown candle is ideal for a simple festive gift – and it’s really easy to make. The tutorial includes a printable sticker – apply to your simple white candle and burn every day until Christmas. It’s a super cute way to mark the holiday countdown.

Image & tutorial at The Merry Thought.

24. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

mason jar cocktails - handmade christmas gift ideas

Whip up this candy cane sugar scrub in no time and add it to your pamper hamper for an exfoliating treat! It’s easy to make and uses mostly store cupboard ingredients, so it’s fab for making handmade Christmas gifts on a budget. Store in these glass jars for a luxury finish!

Image & tutorial at The Idea Room.

25. Pancake Mix In A Jar

mason jar cocktails

Here’s a DIY gift tip for kids: drop a heavy hint of what you want for breakfast on Christmas morning with this tasty pancake mix in a jar! It’s easy to sub in the flavours and fillings you want for the ones you’re less keen on. Keep your mix fresh until the big day in one of our preserving jars with lids.

Image & tutorial at The Pioneer Woman.

26. Reed Diffuser

mason jar cocktails - handmade christmas gift ideas

Reed diffusers are a fantastic non-flammable alternative to scented candles. They create a stunningly subtle scent that adds festive freshness to any home. Find out how you can make your own reed diffusers here – it’s easy to swap in your favourite scents. Shop for reed diffuser bottles at a great price here.

Image & tutorial at Good Housekeeping.

27. Monogrammed Soap Bottle

mason jar cocktails - handmade christmas gift ideas

This is one of our favourite handmade Christmas gift ideas for teachers, but it also makes a gorgeous gift for just about anyone. You’ll need a clear soap bottle (empty ones available here), transparency paper and the printable download available in the tutorial. Voila! Personalised soap or sanitiser – the perfect gift for 2020.

Image & tutorial at The Idea Room.

28. Mason Jar Sewing Kit

mason jar cocktails

Making a crafty present for a crafty person can be tricky – but this mason jar sewing kit could be the perfect solution! Fill with haberdashery must-haves (including pins, thread and buttons) and turn the top of the jar into a pin cushion. It’ll help them keep their sewing kit in order. Mason jars are available here!

Image & tutorial at Polka Dot Chair.

29. Faux Cross Stitch Socks

mason jar cocktails

These cute cross-stitch effect socks make adorable stocking fillers for every generation. They add a fun flourish to an everyday item – and you don’t need to put in a single stitch! You’ll need fabric paint, a pair of cute one-colour socks, and a piece of cardboard. Simple, thrifty and effective!

Image & tutorial at Club Crafted.

30. Bath Tea

mason jar cocktails - handmade christmas gift ideas

If there’s one way to make bath time even more relaxing, it’s with this aromatic bath tea. Layer the ingredients in a jar like this one and gift the jar along with small muslin bags. When it’s time to use them, infuse the bathwater with a bag full of this homemade bath tea. Guaranteed relaxation. For best results, bathe with an actual brew, too.

Image & tutorial at A Pumpkin & A Princess.

What are your favourite handmade Christmas gift ideas? We’re always looking for crafty inspiration – tag us in your DIY pressie pics on Facebook or Twitter!

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How To Make Your Own Christmas Hampers

How To Make Your Own Christmas Hamper

Christmas hampers are the ultimate gift. Full of delicious drinks and fabulous festive food, what’s not to love? There’s only one way to improve this most traditional of presents, and that’s to create bespoke hampers based on the things you know your gift recipient absolutely loves. If you won’t be able to spend this Christmas with your nearest and dearest, make your own Christmas hampers especially for them.

Read our handy guide for tips, tricks and treats you can use when making your very own gift baskets this Christmas.

What Hamper Should I Use?

Let’s start with the basics. Traditional Christmas hampers are usually stored in wicker-style baskets that can be reused when all the goodies have been snaffled (typically sometime around Boxing Day breakfast). But if you’re planning to send your hampers by post, or want a sleeker, more sophisticated look to your products, you can also use premium effect recyclable cardboard boxes to store and send your hampers.

What Type Of Christmas Hamper Should I Send?

You know your friends and family best, so go with what you know! If your recipient is a real foodie, make sure you include lots of tasty, high-quality goodies. If you’re making a hamper for kids, you can fill it with toys, sweets and books. Find our favourite homemade hamper varieties below.

Festive Hampers For Foodies

Whether you opt for luxury shop-bought edibles or hearty homemade treats when you make your own Christmas hamper, you’re sure to get tastebuds tingling! If you’re filling your hamper with bought goods, you can’t go wrong with booze, biscuits, cheeses and chocolate. For an extra festive flourish, make sure to toss in some mince pies.

If you’re planning to make your own food gifts to fill your hamper, take a look at these recipes. Carefully curated by the Ampulla Christmas elves, these recipes are sure to tempt even the grinchiest of gift recipients. Choose from eggnog, mince pies, honey roasted nuts and more! Looking for a boozy tip? Try making this homemade sloe gin – then present it in these stunning gin bottles!

Pamper-At-Home Hampers

Eschew tradition and make your own Christmas hampers filled with body, bath & beauty products! These kinds of goodies are sure to be appreciated by everyone. As with food hampers, you can purchase individual items to fill your hamper with – think nail polish, beard oil, bubble bath and scented candles – or make your own cosmetics and fragrances.

Check out our recipe for creating body scrubs as Christmas gifts here. Body scrubs are ideal for giving your whole body that spa-fresh feeling, as they exfoliate and revitalise the skin. Meanwhile, homemade candles are perfect for lighting with a bath and a book for some Christmassy me-time. Here’s our guide to getting creative with candle jars this Christmas.

Mix-and-Match Christmas Hampers

Of course, you don’t need to stick to one particular theme for your hamper. You can go rogue with a mixture of edible treats and cute cosmetics, as well as including games, trinkets and more. Alternatively, you can choose a more specific theme for your hamper. Popular themes include afternoon tea style hampers (think winter spiced teas, coffee syrups, sugary shortbread and fruity homemade jams) and cheese and wine night hampers (no prizes for guessing what to include here).

Have you tried to make your own Christmas hampers before? What tips have we missed? Comment below or tweet us with your favourite hamper fillings for friends and family – and don’t forget to shop the project with Ampulla!

Make Your Own Christmas Hamper

22oz Candle Jar To Make Your Own Christmas Hampers 350ml Polo Gin Bottle To Make Your Own Christmas Hampers 212ml Glass Jam Jar To Make Your Own Christmas Hampers
22oz Candle Jar 350ml Polo Gin Bottle 212ml Glass Jam Jar