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What Is Vertical Gardening?

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Vertical gardening is exactly what it sounds like: plants that are grown upwards on a structure, rather than on a flat lawn. Whilst it sounds pointless, vertical gardening is a great option for green fingered people who don’t have the outside space to fully indulge in their hobby! It also offers a fantastic way to add plants and flowers to your living spaces that can give splashes of colour and fragrant smells to your home. As well as for use in smaller living spaces, vertical gardens can be huge and used to cover large sections of walls and buildings for dramatic visual effects.

Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

There are many different ways that you can incorporate vertical gardens into small spaces into your home, whether it be in small gardens, balconies or indoors.


A trellis is a large vertical wooden lattice, that you can thread or affix plants to so that they grow upwards in a winding fashion. You can buy them from any good garden centre or even build one yourself! They are designed to hold climbing plants such as vines, ivy and honeysuckle, but you can get creative with them. Indoor trellises require a plant pot beneath them for the plants to be planted in and grow out of, unlike outdoor trellises where the plants grow directly from the ground below. Once you have your trellis ready, then you can place it up against a wall and wait for your plants to climb tall! You could even make your trellis freestanding and use it as a stunning room separator.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets typically are placed at the outside entrance to your home, but if you have a flat then you may not have an outside entrance to decorate. Why not use hanging baskets to brighten up a small balcony or courtyard? Making a hanging basket is very easy. All you need is a basket with a handle, a liner (phagnum moss, cocoa liners or burlap liners), soil, a water reservoir and, of course, your plants! Line your handing baskets with your chosen liner, top up with soil to around 4- 6 inches from the bottom of the baskets, then insert a vertical 8-10 inch section of slotted drainpipe (AKA your water reservoir) into the centre. Make sure to leave the top 2-3 inches of the drainpipe above the soil level and around 4 inches from the bottom of the basket. If the drainpipe hits the bottom of the basket then any water will simply drain straight through the bottom instead of filtering evenly throughout the soil.

You can now start planting your plants and grasses into your hanging basket. Make sure to choose plants that will stay fairy small and not outgrow their surroundings!



Terrariums are small ‘gardens’ that are created within small environments, such as glass jars or fishbowls. They are very easy to put together and can last for years without a huge amount of maintenance! Our Half Gallon Glass Pickle Jars are ideal for making homemade terrariums with, as they are large enough to get creative with your designs, but small enough to keep on a shelf or mantelpiece for all to see and enjoy.

You’ll need: pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, plants and any small ornaments that you desire.

First add a layer of pebbles or small stones at the bottom of your container. Next top with a layer of activated charcoal, then a layer of potting soil (enough to plant your plants in). Now it’s time to plant your greenery! Once again, make sure to choose plants that will not outgrow their containers quickly. Cacti and other succulents are a great choice for terrariums, as they cope well with humidity and do not need much watering. Finish off your tiny garden scene by decorating with ornaments if you so wish! Place your finished terrarium in a space that receives a lot of bright, indirect sunlight and lightly water the plants every 2 weeks (or once the potting soil looks like it has become too dry).


If trellises are too large, hanging baskets are too fiddly and terrariums are too complicated, then why not simply buy yourself some small houseplants and a tall shelving unit so that you can create a ‘wall’ of green without much effort?

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Sweet Remedies: Customer Success Story

sweet remedies ampulla packaging

We love seeing how our packaging is being used by our customers! Whether our jars and bottles are being used by a big business or simply for an arts and crafts project, we want to see them. A couple of months ago we ran a feature to show off many of our customer’s brands that they have created using our packaging, which was very well received by our readers, so we thought we’d continue! Recently we had a great email from Glenda Kinsey who has just started up her own business, Sweet Remedies.

What Do Sweet Remedies Do?

Sweet Remedies are selling our favourite childhood retro sweets in jars which come complete with lovely personalised messages for many different occasions. The Sweet Remedies website only opened last month, so we’re giving Glenda a shoutout as a thank you for choosing our packaging! Check out the wide selection available of their fabulous gifts in the photo below.

sweet remedies jars

“Thanks for the great service so far from Ampulla since I decided to use you for supplying jars for my new company, Sweet Remedies Ltd.  I sell sweets in a jar of 4 sizes online and at events and it’s going well. All the jars you see are Ampulla’s!” – Glenda Kinsey

So what is different about Sweet Remedies?  Well, you can choose your jar size, choose your sweets and choose your message label or create your own message in 3 easy steps for that extra special personalised ‘Happiness in a Jar’ to make the recipient of your gift smile. Messages include birthday wishes, good luck and congratulations, as well as lots more and some great positive ‘cheering up’ messages! The idea for the company came when Glenda wanted to send a gift to a friend who needed cheering up. Instead of sending flowers or a card, she wanted something more personal. What better than a nice jar of sweets to make someone happy? So Sweet Remedies was born! The business is based in South Wales and Glenda is committed to promoting her national culture. The business will soon be launching the ‘Sweet Remedies – Happiness In A Jar’ brand in the Welsh language, which translates as ‘Moddion Melys – Hapusrwydd Mewn Jar’.

Sweet Remedies currently have a special ‘teacher gift’ promotion running at the moment, which would make the ideal end-of-the-year parting gift for all those much loved teachers out there!

sweet remedies

Reviews So Far

They’ve been going down a treat with customers so far! Just check out some of the latest reviews that have been rolling in…

“I felt really special when I received my lovely gift of sweet hearts with a beautiful message from a wonderful friend. I will definitely be buying some of these for friends to make their day too” – Helen Underwood
“Really impressed with the customer service, quick delivery and my sweetie jar is lovely. Will definitely order from you again. Thanks'” – Sion Brown

For anyone interested in finding out more about Sweet Remedies, make sure to check out their website by clicking right here.


The jars that Sweet Remedies have used to fill with their sweet treats are our Clear Glass Food Jars, which are available in 4 different sizes: 125ml, 190ml, 300ml and 500ml. These jars are also available to buy with lids in black and gold caps instead of silver, so make sure to check out our full glass food jar range by clicking here.

Our Glass Food Jars can be yours from just 37p each, with further discounts when you buy in larger quantities! This range is ideal for packaging not only sweets, but also spices, sauces and preserves. The rubber-lined airtight lids help to keep your products fresh for longer, as well as making your brand look fantastic.

Have you been inspired by Sweet Remedies?

Thank you very much to Glenda for sharing her story and sending in the great photo. We wish her the very best of luck for her new venture! Liked reading about Sweet Remedies story? Then make sure to check out our recent post which showcases a selection of other customers’ businesses which use our packaging – they’ve made everything from honey to slime kits!

If you’re a new business start-up that is looking for high quality packaging that won’t break the bank, here at Ampulla we’ve got a massive range of jars bottles, tubs, buckets and much more, at competitive prices – perfect for both small and multi-national businesses.

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Wholesale Glass Jars For Businesses On A Budget

wholesale glass jars

We think we’ve got the best wholesale glass jars anywhere on the web, especially when it comes to price. Best of all, the more you order, the better the price we can offer you!

You can browse the whole Budget Glass Jar range by clicking here, but for now here are a few of our favourites from the collection.

The cheapest jar in our Budget Jar range is the new 150ml Clear Glass Jar. Unlike our other offerings, this jar doesn’t come with a lid but is compatible with 53mm twist off closures if you wish to buy those separately. One unit costs 18p, however if you buy these jars in bulk you can get them for as little as 10p per unit! A great choice for small businesses that are just starting out.

wholesale glass jars

The 370ml Clear Glass Jar is low in price but not in quality! This jar comes with a red gingham patterned twist off lid which will give a rustic, homely feel to your products, but is also available with gold, silver, white and black lids – or with no lid at all. Each lid is rubber lined to preserve the freshness of your product, making this jar ideal for storing jams and other preserves. Prices start from 36p for one unit, but can go down to as low as 24p per unit when you buy in bulk!

wholesale glass jars

If you’re looking for a taller, slimmer jar for your creations, then look no further than the 370ml Clear Glass Chutney Jar. This particular jar comes with a stunning twist off lid that is patterned with an intricate chutney design, featuring flowers and vegetables. What better jar to package your homemade chutneys in? Again, this jar is also available with other lid designs including black, gold, red, silver, blue gingham and fruity designs, with each lid rubber-lined for maximum product freshness. Get one unit for 38p or buy more for fantastic prices of just 26p per unit!

wholesale glass jars

Finally, one of the largest jars in our Budget Jar range is the 720ml Clear Glass Jar. Being a larger size, we think that this jar is perfect for pickled eggs/onions, beetroots, pasta sauces, mayonnaises and more. One unit is just 63p, but if you buying bulk you can get them for as little as 43p per unit!

wholesale glass jars

This is just a small selection of the budget jars available and you can browse the full range of wholesale glass jars by clicking here.

Looking for our best value bottles instead of jars? Check out our guide to what bottle is right for your product here.