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FIBC Bulk Sacks – Reduced To Clear!

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Don’t miss out on grabbing a bargain on our FIBC Bulk Sacks. They’re now reduced to clear – so once they’re gone, they’re gone! These great, industrial sacks are specifically designed to carry heavy loads of dry materials in the construction, farming and gardening industries. They are made from 140gsm uncoated polypropylene fabric, which makes them extremely strong and they come complete with lifting loops for easy transportation. As well as being used in industry, these sacks are also suitable for home use as they can be used as recycling bins due to their easy transportation feature (great for taking to the tip!).

Gardening Uses: Leaves, Weeds, Compost…

Building Uses: Bricks, Waste Material, Gravel…

Farming Uses: Animal Feed, Seeds, Wood Chips…

Home Uses: Recycling, Storage…

4 Sizes Available

Our Bulk Sacks are available in 4 different sizes: from a 40kg capacity up to a 1 tonne capacity.

Our 40kg Scaffold Bag measures 45cm x 50cm and is ideal for use on small building sites and for home use due to its lower capacity. If you’re looking for a strong sack you can use in your garden to store fallen leaves, weeds and other debris, then this is the bag for you. Prices start from 3.09 for 1 unit, however the price can go down to as low as £2.63 per unit when you buy in bulk quantities. The 120 Litre Garden Waste Sack measures 45cm x 45cm x 60cm, making it perfect for collecting waste paper, plastic bottles and cardboard for local council recycling schemes, as well as for home use in the garden. It comes with 2 attached 19cm long lifting loops and a tipping handle to make it very easy to carry around. This bag costs £2.23 for 1 unit, which goes down to £1.90 per unit when you buy in bulk.

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Our Half Tonne Sack is a more heavy duty sack that is right at home when carrying large amounts of dense material, such as building aggregate, animal feed and fertilisers. It measures 70 cm x 70cm x 70cm and has 4 carrying loops to secure all the contents in place during transportation. Get this sack for just £3.84 per unit, or buy in bulk quantities to get it for as little as £3.27 per unit. Finally, our largest FIBC Bulk Sack is the 1 Tonne Sack, which measures in at an extra large 85cm x 85cm x 87cm.  It’s super strong super reliable and perfect for transporting high density material such as rocks, gravel, bricks and sand, with the 4 x 30cm liftinh loops able to support the load with ease. Get this sack for £4.51 or buy in bulk to get them for £4.19 each.

Browse the range of FIBC Bulk Sacks by clicking right here – but hurry, they won’t be around for long! If you like this, we think you’ll like to see our great deals on health and beauty packaging.