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Dispose Of Sharps Waste Safely With Sharpsguard Yellow Containers

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We’ve got brand new containers to add to our already extensive collection, but these are a little different from the rest. Sharpsguard Yellow Containers are designed specifically to collect waste sharps material, such as needles, razors and scalpels, and give you a safe way to dispose of them. Sharps waste products are defined as devices or objects that have been used to puncture or lacerate the skin, which obviously need to be disposed of in a particular way to avoid any spread of medical contamination.

Who Needs Sharpsguard Containers?

The clear use for Sharpsguard Containers is in hospitals. The amount of objects that can be classed as sharps waste in this environment is massive, along with the extra risk of thousands of members of the public coming through the building every day who need to be kept safe from potentially dangerous material. However they’re also great for use in a few other environments, including tattoo parlours and doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes and anywhere else where needles or other sharps are being used on a regular basis.

Why Choose Ampulla Packaging?

Here at Ampulla, we source our packaging products from top manufacturers and it is no different in this case. Sharpsguard Containers are produced by Daniel’s, who specialise in manufacturing medical devices and are committed to producing quality, industrial containers. We currently stock 4 different sizes of Sharpsguard Yellow Containers: 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 22L.

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We have competitive prices for these specialised containers, with the 1 litre container starting from just £2.44 per unit. We also offer further discounts when you order in bulk quantities! We offer fast UK shipping on all our items (subject to stock), with orders being shipped with next day delivery once they leave our warehouse and a lead time of 2-5 working days.

How To Use Them

Although a specialised piece of medical equipment, Sharpsguard Containers are relatively easy to use. Each container comes with assembly instructions on the label attached on the front, which tell you how to keep the contents safe around users and those around you. When you come to use the container, make sure to read and adhere to the instructions fully for maximum protection of those around you. Each container comes with a fill line, which you should never fill above, and once you reach this limit you need to lock the container and dispose of safely. When in use, the containers should be secured in place with a compatible bracket that has been designed specifically for the Sharpsguard range.

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Care should be taken at all time around these containers. To browse our full range of Sharpsguard Yellow Containers, click right here.

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