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Go airless – new airless dispenser bottles

Airless cosmetic dispensers

How do airless dispenser bottles work?

Unlike standard pump bottles, which have a dip tube, airless dispenser bottles work by using a combination of a plate, or ‘diaphragm’, and a vacuum effect. When the pump is pressed, a vacuum is created and, as air is forced out of the bottle, the product comes out with it. This process is aided by a plate, which sits beneath the product and simultaneously pushes it upwards as the vacuum pulls it upwards. Airless bottles have a small hole in the base, which enables air to enter the space underneath the plate and help to push it upwards.


Why go airless?

Airless cosmetic pump bottleThere are many advantages to choosing airless containers for your product:

  • They protect oxygen sensitive and preservative-free products and help to preserve their shelf life, due to there being minimal backflow of air into the bottle when dispensing the product.
  • They greatly reduce product wastage.
  • Their pump dispenser nozzles come in a range of styles, offering a sleek, modern appearance, as opposed to traditional dip tube pumps.
  • They produce a precise application of product.
  • They will dispense product just as well when held at an angle as they do when upright.
  • They’re safe for shipping, because they don’t require extra internal pressure to dispense products. This is ideal when being transported under high pressure or temperature.


Premium cosmetic bottles

Our new white plastic airless dispenser bottles have a gloss finish and sleek silhouette – perfect for premium cosmetic, toiletry and hair care products. They are available in 50ml, 100ml and 150ml sizes and come complete with a protective clear over cap. These white bottles offer a clean look, which is well suited to natural products such as face creams, anti-aging serums, body lotions, sunscreen, hair serums and more.

In addition to our white airless bottles, we have a range of clear airless dispensers, which offer excellent product clarity, as well as frosted dispensers, for a contemporary look. Available in 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sizes, these high-end cosmetic bottles have a polished silver base, neck and over cap. They are suitable for high quality cosmetic creams and serums.


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