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Sharpsguard 1ltr Yellow Container

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Yellow Sharps Container

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Capacity 1 Litre
Weight 156g
Lid Sharpsguard
Type Sharpsguard
Colour Yellow
Height 117mm

SHARPSGUARD 1ltr yellow container for the disposal of sharps, including those contaminated with medicinal products and their residues.

The container labels indicate that disposal should be by incineration or other authorised process and is designed for the consignment of waste categorised by the following EWC codes: 18 01 01, 18 01 03, 18 01 09, 18 02 01, 18 02 02, 18 02 08.

Qty: 1SHARPS1YELx1 2.44
Qty: 10SHARPS1YELx10 22.33
Qty: 30SHARPS1YELx30 53.28
Qty: 90SHARPS1YELx90 150.71
Qty: 180SHARPS1YELx180 283.15
Qty: 360SHARPS1YELx360 548.04
Qty: 600SHARPS1YELx600 882.95
Qty: 1200SHARPS1YELx1200 1644.11

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