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750cc Clear Round Salad Bowl With Hinged Lid

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Clear Plastic Salad Bowls 750cc

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Capacity 750cc
Diameter 170mm
Lid Clear
Material PET
Type Food Grade Approved
Colour Clear
Pot Height incl lid 110mm
Weight 23g

Want to cash in on the Buddha Bowl trend? Our 750cc Clear Round Salad Bowl is the perfect size for packaging protein packed lunches of brown rice, meat, quinoa, nuts and veggies.

These plastic salad bowls are made from recyclable PET plastic and feature tamper-evident lids, which are opened by pulling the tab at the back of the bowl. Once opened, they cannot be resealed, giving your end consumers extra peace of mind about the integrity of the food within. The lid also has a handy flat square on top that is ideal for placing your branded labels and stickers in a place where customers can see it.

Qty: 75F750CROUNDx75 14.58
Qty: 150F750CROUNDx150 27.71
Qty: 300F750CROUNDx300 53.96
Qty: 600F750CROUNDx600 105.01
Qty: 900F750CROUNDx900 153.14
Qty: 1800F750CROUNDx1800 297.53
Qty: 2700F750CROUNDx2700 420.04
Qty: 4050F750CROUNDx4050 590.68
Qty: 7200F750CROUNDx7200 980.10
Qty: 8100F750CROUNDx8100 1063.23

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