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Wine And Spirit Bottles

Home brew wine making bottles

Glass Wine Bottles & Spirit Bottles

We stock a wide range of quality glass wine bottles and spirit bottles with compatible closures. Whether you're looking for wine bottles for homemade wine, sloe gin or speciality alcoholic lemonades, or simply looking for the right spirit bottles to use on mass production lines, we're sure to have the perfect bottle for you.

Wholesale And Small Quantities Available

If you require larger order quantities of wine bottles or spirit bottles, please call a member of our sales team: 0161 367 1414 for an individual quote to suit your needs.

5ltr Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung and Handle

Silver Mini keg (Party Keg!!), 5 litre capacity with fully integrated (Tamper evident)tap. The tap sits close to the base and ensures the user enjoys every last drop, requires no accessories and can be resealed.

our Party Keg is easy to use, ideal for microbreweries etc, the stackable design is perfect where space is limited.

Suitable for not just beers but ciders, wines, spirits and more.... Enjoy draught beer at home! How good would your homemade beers look in one of these? The perfect way to present your latest brew!

The keg comes with a rubber bung and attachable carry handle!

Made from Tinplate 100% Recyclable
5ltr Mini Keg Silver c/w Bung and Handle
Qty: 1BEERKEG5LSILx1 7.07
Qty: 4BEERKEG5LSILx4 27.32
Qty: 12BEERKEG5LSILx12 79.13
Qty: 24BEERKEG5LSILx24 152.62
Qty: 48BEERKEG5LSILx48 293.93
Qty: 100BEERKEG5LSILx100 588.80
Qty: 210BEERKEG5LSILx210 1187.02

33x45mm PVC Black Matt Capsule with Tear Off

Our matt black PVC shrink seal capsules offer a secondary seal that fits snugly over your primary closure. This not only provides customer reassurance but looks pleasing to the eyes too.

Please Note: These are a new slightly shorter version (45mm) than the previous 55mm length.

A quick and easy way to give your product a professional look and finish.

Compatible with a many of glass bottles (22mm - 30mm neck diameter only)

No machinery or heat tunnels required, just add hot water!

Capsule Fitting Instructions
33x45mm PVC Black Matt Capsule with Tear Off
Qty: 1SEAL31.5BLK-33by45x1 0.06
Qty: 25SEAL31.5BLK-33by45x25 1.57
Qty: 50SEAL31.5BLK-33by45x50 2.98
Qty: 100SEAL31.5BLK-33by45x100 5.63
Qty: 250SEAL31.5BLK-33by45x250 13.26
Qty: 500SEAL31.5BLK-33by45x500 24.87

32.5ml Clear Glass Essence Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap

32.5ml clear glass essence bottle comes with a 22mm brushed silver screw cap with EPE liner.

A small bottle with many uses! Just let your imagination run wild! food colouring and flavourings, luxury drink samples, shots, fragrances, wedding favours and much more.

Not compatible with our PVC shrink capsules!
32.5ml Clear Glass Essence Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap
Qty: 1G32.5MLCESS-22SILx1 0.32
Qty: 25G32.5MLCESS-22SILx25 7.69
Qty: 50G32.5MLCESS-22SILx50 15.00
Qty: 100G32.5MLCESS-22SILx100 28.41
Qty: 250G32.5MLCESS-22SILx250 67.07
Qty: 500G32.5MLCESS-22SILx500 126.25
Qty: 1000G32.5MLCESS-22SILx1000 244.60
Qty: 2500G32.5MLCESS-22SILx2500 591.80
Qty: 5000G32.5MLCESS-22SILx5000 1144.14
Qty: 10557G32.5MLCESS-22SILx10557 2249.14

187ml Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap

187ml clear green glass wine bottle, can also be used for salad dressing etc, comes complete with 22mm EPE lined aluminium cap preventing leakage and preserving freshness.

Perfect for wines, spirits and much more.
187ml Green Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap
Qty: 1G187MLG-22SILx1 0.43
Qty: 25G187MLG-22SILx25 10.51
Qty: 50G187MLG-22SILx50 20.47
Qty: 100G187MLG-22SILx100 38.78
Qty: 250G187MLG-22SILx250 91.56
Qty: 500G187MLG-22SILx500 172.35
Qty: 1000G187MLG-22SILx1000 333.93
Qty: 2500G187MLG-22SILx2500 780.96
Qty: 3174G187MLG-22SILx3174 923.12

187ml Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap

Treat your homemade wines and spirits to a professional look and a little luxury with our NEW 187ml clear glass Bordeaux bottle and silver screw cap.

The straight sides make labeling easy and allows you to give your homemade creations a shop bought look. Imagine how impressed friends and family are going to be when you present your latest tipple in this bottle.

No minimum order, allows you to buy in the quantity to suit your own individual need.
187ml Clear Glass Bordeaux Bottle & 22mm Silver Screw Cap
Qty: 1187MLC-22SILx1 0.43
Qty: 25187MLC-22SILx25 10.51
Qty: 50187MLC-22SILx50 20.47
Qty: 100187MLC-22SILx100 38.78
Qty: 250187MLC-22SILx250 91.56
Qty: 500187MLC-22SILx500 172.35
Qty: 1000187MLC-22SILx1000 333.93
Qty: 2500187MLC-22SILx2500 780.96
Qty: 3174187MLC-22SILx3174 923.12

200ml Clear Glass Mixer Bottle & Gold Crown Cap

This 200ml bottle is ideal for bottling your homemade, juices, beers spirits and much more. This Bottle comes complete with a gold crown cap.

Perfect for alcoholic, still and fizzy drinks. Perfect for giving your homemade beverages a shop bought, professional look!
200ml Clear Glass Mixer Bottle & Gold Crown Cap
Qty: 1G200MLCMIX-CROWNx1 0.29
Qty: 25G200MLCMIX-CROWNx25 6.72
Qty: 50G200MLCMIX-CROWNx50 13.07
Qty: 100G200MLCMIX-CROWNx100 24.73
Qty: 250G200MLCMIX-CROWNx250 58.30
Qty: 500G200MLCMIX-CROWNx500 109.54
Qty: 1000G200MLCMIX-CROWNx1000 212.01
Qty: 2000G200MLCMIX-CROWNx2000 395.75
Qty: 2904G200MLCMIX-CROWNx2904 554.10

250ml Clear Glass Mountain Bottle & 28mm T/E Screw Cap (MCA)

Lid colour options available
250ml mountain bottle, clear glass, comes with a 28mm black plastic tamper evident MCA screw on cap, Can be used for carbonated drinks.

An attractive clear glass bottle, great for product enhancing. The tamper evident caps can be screwed on by hand, making this bottle ideal for individuals and small business owners.

Choice of colour cap available: red, blue, white, gold, black, please state the colour of your choice when placing your order, otherwise black will be sent.
250ml Clear Glass Mountain Bottle & 28mm T/E Screw Cap (MCA)
Qty: 1G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex1 0.37
Qty: 12G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex12 4.39
Qty: 25G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex25 8.92
Qty: 50G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex50 16.91
Qty: 100G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex100 31.94
Qty: 250G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex250 75.16
Qty: 500G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex500 140.93
Qty: 1000G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex1000 253.67
Qty: 2460G250MLCLWAT-28T/Ex2460 600.93

250ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle with 19mm Cork Cap

25cl clear glass, round bottle complete with 19mm cork stopper cap.

A quality glass bottle ideal for a range of alcoholic spirits such as whisky, vodka and homemade gin as well as fruit wines, cordials flavoured waters or simply as use as a decanter.
250ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle with 19mm Cork Cap
Qty: 1250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx1 2.40
Qty: 25250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx25 57.02
Qty: 50250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx50 108.18
Qty: 100250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx100 204.67
Qty: 250250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx250 482.45
Qty: 500250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx500 906.42
Qty: 1000250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx1000 1695.88
Qty: 1665250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx1665 2628.92

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