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Glass Jars - Food Jars

glass food jars

Wholesale Glass Jars For Food
Finding the right glass jar for your product can prove difficult. A small glass jar that's perfect for mint sauce isn't necessarily ideal for pickling. This is why we offer a wide range of sizes and styles of wholesale glass jars, so you are sure to find a food jar to fit your product.

Sizes Available
106ml, 120ml, 125ml, 190ml, 200ml, 212ml, 250ml, 277ml, 300ml, 500ml and 1050ml, available with a range of different coloured twist off lids that are rubber lined to seal in freshness.

Suitable Uses
Our wholesale glass jars are ideal for jams, preserves, honey, chutneys, relishes, chilli sauces, mint sauces, cranberry jellies, herbs and spices, cooking sauces, wedding favours, confectionery, bath salts, powders and much more!

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