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You may have noticed the terms ‘Marasca’, ‘Polo’ and ‘Mason’ being bandied about on our website recently (if you don’t have a clue what they mean, they’re the names of our recently added glass oil bottles, drinks bottle and jar). Well on top of that, we now have even more fancy new names to get your head around. We’re pleased to introduce to you our new ‘Tipsy’, ‘Mayo’ and ‘Trittico’ jars too. That’s right, here at Ampulla we aim to stock a glass jar for every occasion.


Tipsy jar

Shop for round glass jarAlso known as a ‘Globe’ jar, due to its round shape, this small 212ml capacity jar is an attractive, distinctive jar with a choice of rubber lined metal twist off lids. This ‘Tipsy’ jar would be a dainty addition to any kitchen, restaurant or café – it’s ideal for home jam making, farm shops or even large scale preserve production lines. Alternatively, this would make a cute wedding favour jar, simply fill it with chocolates, sweets, bath salts, potpourri, seeds or whatever you fancy.


Product idea: scented candle

Use your favourite scents to create a candle that wedding guests can take home with them to remember your special day.

Globe glass jar for jamYou will need: a glass Tipsy jar, candle wick, two small sticks (or chopsticks), 420g of wax flakes, essential oils, food colouring.


1) Put the metal base of the candle wick at the bottom of the Tipsy jar and rest the top of the wick between two small sticks (laid across the top of the jar) to keep the wick upright.

2) In a double boiler (or pan of water, with another pan over it or stood in it), heat the wax flakes.

3) Add your favourite aromatherapy oils and food colouring to the wax, to scent and colour the candle, and stir the mixture.

4) Pour the wax mixture into the Tipsy jar, leave it to cool and set, then remove the sticks.

Mayo jar

Shop for glass mayonnaise jarThe name is in the title – this is a classic glass jar, designed with mayonnaise in mind. At 580ml capacity, with a choice of rubber lined metal twist off lids, this jar will seal in the freshness of standard mayonnaise and salad cream, or you can go against the grain and use it for pickles, chutney, jam, marmalade or cooking sauces instead.


Recipe idea: chipotle mayonnaise

Ingredients: 2 chipotle chilies, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of salt, 250ml of sunflower oil, the juice of 1 lime, 1 egg.


Glas jar for mayonnaise1) Put the chipotle chilies in a food blender and blitz them.

2) Crack the egg into the chilies, then add the mustard, salt and lime juice and blitz again.

3) Set the food blender going again at its lowest speed, with the lid off, then slowly pour in the sunflower oil until it thickens to mayonnaise consistency.

4) Put the mayonnaise into the sterilised Mayo jar and store in the fridge.



Trittico jar

The ‘Trittico’ jar is quite different to the glass preserve jars that you’re used to. If you really want a jar that will stand out from all of the other jams on the shelf, this is the one for you. This is a 228ml capacity, wide jar with flat, angled walls on one side and a curved wall on the other side. But that’s not all, you can fit three of these jars together to form a circle – these nesting jars are great for display purposes. As well as preserves, Trittico jars can be used for herbs and spices, flavoured nuts, olives, confectionery, bath salts, potpourri, candles and much more.


Trio of trittico glass jars