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Good Things Come in Small Bottles


Miniature plastic bottlesRecently added to our ever-expanding range here at Ampulla are the ‘Dorica’ (round shaped) and ‘Marasca’ (square shaped) bottles. These are miniature plastic bottles, made from clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a strong, food grade plastic that offers maximum product clarity. The bottles all come with a tamper evident black screw cap, which keeps the contents safe from contamination during storage and transit and also gives reassurance to your customers.


Ranging in sizes from 10ml up to 50ml, these lightweight bottles are easy to transport and are highly shatter resistant. They’re perfect for samples, online retail, gift sets, single serve products and more. However, if you’d prefer to use glass to package your products, the 60ml ‘Marasca’ bottle offers a sturdy, heavier duty option, which is well suited to selling at food markets, farm shops or distilleries.


10ml Dorica bottle

Mini plastic bottlesThe smallest in our miniature range, this 10ml clear round plastic bottle is perfect for sending out product samples to clients and giving promotional items to customers. Handy if you’ve created a new extra hot chili sauce and want to let people sample it before they buy, or for non-food products such as perfumes, inks, dyes and adhesives.


18ml & 25ml Marasca bottles

The next step up, capacity-wise, 18ml and 25ml Marasca bottles are useful for many different edible and non-edible products. Some examples are food flavourings such as vanilla essence, edible glue for sugarcraft and cake decorating, aromatherapy oils, cosmetic additives and beauty oils such as jojoba, as well as highly concentrated and speciality industrial solutions.


50ml Marasca bottle

Miniature bottles50ml is the standard capacity of miniature spirit bottles, such as whiskey, vodka and gin. They’re great as part of spirit gift sets, or as double spirit measures at travel shops, licensed cafes or theatres. This 50ml plastic bottle can also be used for food colourings, herbal extracts or single serve salad dressings and sauces at delicatessens and takeaways.


60ml Marasca bottle (glass)

The largest in our ‘miniature’ range, this 60ml square glass bottle comes with a non-tamper evident screw cap. This is a classic glass oil and dressing bottle, ideal for (but not limited to) infused oils, salad dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces. This bottle is also suitable for flavoured spirits like sloe gin, cherry vodka or spiced rum. Luxury toiletries and cosmetics would look clean and elegant in this bottle, as would many other products!



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