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Go Big With Plastic Packaging

we do big plastic containers

Big plastic bottles, buckets & bags

You’re probably aware of the wide range of packaging that we sell at Ampulla, from tiny 1.75ml glass vials, up to our standard 1 litre plastic and glass bottles. Something you might not be so familiar with, however, is the large selection of bulk containers that we have to offer.

Starting from 2 litre capacity industrial plastic bottles, all the way up to our extra large 60 litre polypropylene buckets, 220 litre heavy-duty kegs and our whopping 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), we have the best solutions for the storage and transportation of agricultural, construction, chemical, catering, toiletry and paint products.

PET and polypropylene bottles

At the smaller end of our bulk range is this translucent 2 litre polypropylene (PP) plastic bottle, with ‘Azlon’ screw on cap – a reliable, leak-proof choice for many chemical solutions, with an efficient pouring action. At the other end of the scale, we have a 6 litre clear PET jar with secure heat seal cap and handle, enabling you to pour large amounts of foods and liquids (coming into stock soon).

Clear plastic wide neck jars

Made from strong, clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic and available in sizes ranging from 1 litre up to 8 litres, with lined screw on lids to keep contents fresh. Perfect for health supplements such as protein powders, vitamin tablets, nuts and seeds. Alternatively, our large plastic jars can be used for sweets and confectionery, particularly the storage and display of retro sweets and tasty chocolates in sweet shops.

30 litre, 50 litre and 60 litre buckets

Food grade approved large plastic buckets with lids, made from polypropylene copolymer (PPC). Handy for fermentation in the beer and wine making process and particularly useful for microbreweries and home brewing, due to there being no minimum order quantity requirement. Our buckets are also suitable for DIY materials such as paints and pastes, or for general home storage.

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs)

Widely used in construction, farming and gardening, these bulk sacks are useful for sand, stones, bricks, wood chips, animal feed, seeds, fertilisers and composting. They can also come in handy as recycling bins. Our FIBCs are available in 40kg, 1/2 tonne and 1 tonne capacities.

You will find our full range of large bottles, jars, buckets, sacks, kegs and more on our website. Plus, if you are able to come and visit us in Hyde, Greater Manchester, you can collect your containers from us to cut out delivery charges!

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