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White cosmetic jars for natural products

White cosmetic jars

White cosmetic jars for natural products

Glossy white cosmetic jarsAs consumers become more concerned with what’s in the food they eat and the products that they use, natural and organic cosmetic, skincare and hair care products are increasingly becoming more appealing. In fact, an analysis of the organic skincare market predicts a dramatic growth of the demand for natural cosmetic products over the next few years. This is good news if your business focuses on creating natural beauty products with ingredient transparency. If you want to market your product, however, you’ll need some packaging and branding to convey your ethos. That’s where our new premium glossy white cosmetic jars can help.

Our new ‘Arese’ jars are manufactured from glossy white polypropylene (PP) plastic, for a clean, high-end finish. The jars are double walled, for added strength and quality and they come with matching smooth screw on lids. The jars come in a range of sizes, starting with a miniature 5ml jar and including the following sizes: 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Each jar (excluding the 5ml size) also comes with a protective natural (translucent) plastic shive. A shive is a cover that sits on the neck of the jar, helping to prevent product wastage.


5ml & 15ml Arese cosmetic jars

Small in size, yet big on visual appeal, our miniature 5ml and 15ml white Arese cosmetic jars are ideal for samples, testers, promotional products and gift sets. They are suitable for lip balms, nail and cuticle creams and other miniature beauty products.


30ml & 50ml Arese cosmetic jars

Our mid sized 30ml and 50ml Arese jars are suitable for a wide range of cosmetics, such as anti-aging creams, concealers, cream eye shadows, under eye serums, highlighting creams, hair balms and more.


100ml Arese cosmetic jar

Our 100ml white Arese jar is perfect for larger products, such as natural body butters, anti-wrinkle creams, sunscreen makeup, hand lotions and hair styling gels and waxes.


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