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Fancy a smoothie… We’ve got just the plastic bottle

Plastic bottles for smoothies

If like me, you’ve spent the weekend eating barbecued burgers and drinking down the local pub, then there has never been a better time to think about getting back into shape, especially now it seems summer has finally arrived. I know you’re thinking, I’ve not come on a packaging website to be told I should start going to the gym, but bear with me I am heading towards the purpose of this weeks blog. Here in the Ampulla design department we’re always going through different phases and fads and this week is no exception… With this in mind our focus today is health drinks and smoothies. “Smoothies!” I can hear you shout “What’s a smoothie?” If you run a café, small deli shop or sandwich bar you will already be familiar, but for those who aren’t too sure, it’s a thick blended beverage, with a consistency like milkshake. Consisting of blended fruits, vegetables, fruit juice, milk and sometimes yoghurt. You will have a base of fruit juice to which you will add one or two other fruits and/or vegetables. Depending on how thick you want your smoothie, depends on the ratio of juice to fruits, and once you’ve decided on your fruit combination, A quick blitz in the blender and voila!
Apart from the obvious advantages, smoothies are a great way of getting your five-a-day, they are also an excellent sneaky way of getting children to eat the fruits they would otherwise avoid.
And so after lots of practice and smoothie tasting, why not let others sample your wares and it just so happens we have a range of Glass bottles and Plastic juice bottles perfect for this. There is no minimum order required, so only order what you need!

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