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Give your juices the edge – square juice bottles

Square plastic juice bottles uk


Square juice bottlesAt Ampulla we realise the importance of making your product unique and attractive to consumers, but what you package your product in is even more crucial when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. Sometimes, to stand out from the rest, you need to opt for packaging that’s a little different; something to give your product the edge over others, something just like our new square juice bottles.


If you’re in the soft drinks industry, you’re in luck. Our sleek square drinks bottles are manufactured from premium clear PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, offering optimal clarity for nutritious vegetable juices, thick smoothies and many other convenience drinks. They have great visual appeal when displayed side by side and they provide the ideal surface area for creative labelling. Plus, with a choice of 250ml, 330ml and 500ml sizes, you can create a whole range of convenience drinks with them.


Square smoothie bottleTo fit in with your company branding, or even the colour of your drinks, we have a range of coloured screw caps to choose from for our square juice bottles. The cap colours available are: natural, white, red, yellow, orange, green and black. All caps include a tamper evident seal, to prevent contamination after production and it doesn’t matter whether you have a large bottling plant or you’re filling the bottles at home, as the caps can simply be screwed on by hand to create the seal.


Another great point about our square juice bottles is that they have no order restrictions. Some companies require you to order a large box of bottles as minimum, while others will only sell bottles by the pallet load, but with us you can order as little as one single bottle. This means you can sell a small batch of juice at your local food market, distribute your drinks to trendy delicatessens or deliver large quantities across the country. Whichever you choose, our new juice bottles will help you square up to the competition.