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UN Certified - Stackable Containers 1L - 30L

plastic stackable containers

Stackable plastic UN jerrycan containers
Multi-purpose UN certified containers. We stock a vast range of plastic stackable containers, also known throughout the industry as stackable jerrycans and square rounds. These tough, wide neck jerrycans offer excellent stacking ability and good palletisation.

Sizes available
2.5 litres, 5 litres, 6 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres, 25 litres, 30 litres.

Suitable for various applications
Ideal for the storage, transportation and dispensing of many liquids, chemicals, detergents, food oils, motor oils, food stuffs and even hazardous products.

UN certified and food grade approved, with a range of sizes available to order from stock for fast delivery.

Din61 Red Vented T/E Screw Cap (To Fit 20-30 Litre UN Stackables)

Red din61 sized vented screw on cap, to fit large stackable containers. Has a tamper evident strip for keeping substances secure.

This is a strong cap for large containers, allowing product ventilation. Commonly used where there is a risk of a build up of product gases.
Din61 Red Vented T/E Screw Cap (To Fit 20-30 Litre UN Stackables)
Qty: 1CAP61REDVENTx1 0.98
Qty: 25CAP61REDVENTx25 23.14
Qty: 50CAP61REDVENTx50 45.09
Qty: 100CAP61REDVENTx100 83.06
Qty: 250CAP61REDVENTx250 195.79
Qty: 250CAP61REDVENTx450 331.08
Qty: 1350CAP61REDVENTx1350 929.14
Qty: 2250CAP61REDVENTx2250 1441.77

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