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Sweet Jars

Large plastic sweet jars

Clear plastic sweet jars
Our clear sweet jars are made from quality PVC or PET plastic, which is perfect for the display and storage of confectionery and all other sweet treats. All our jars have a wide neck that makes filling and dispensing easy, and they come with screw on lids, except the Kilner jars, which have hinged lids.

Sizes available
45ml, 300ml, 500ml, 710ml, 730ml, 1 litre, 1.8 litres, 2 litres, 3.25 litres, 3.5 litres and 4.4 litres.

Suitable for a range of products
Sweets, chocolates, cooking ingredients, powdered baking products, wedding favours, general storage and more.

4.4 Litre Rectangular Clear PVC Jar & 110mm Black Screw Lid

Large 4.4 litre clear PVC plastic jar with 110mm black plastic screw top cap

This large container is great for a range of foodstuffs such as confectionery, sweets, biscuits, ingredients such as flour, cooking sauces and much more.

*Sweets are for illustration purposes only.
4.4 Litre Rectangular Clear PVC Jar & 110mm Black Screw Lid
Qty: 14.4LPETJAR-110BLidx1 2.46
Qty: 104.4LPETJAR-110BLidx10 23.24
Qty: 254.4LPETJAR-110BLidx25 54.68
Qty: 504.4LPETJAR-110BLidx50 105.95
Qty: 1004.4LPETJAR-110BLidx100 205.05
Qty: 1804.4LPETJAR-110BLidx180 356.79
Qty: 2404.4LPETJAR-110BLidx240 459.32
Qty: 3244.4LPETJAR-110BLidx324 597.94

110mm White Screw Lid

110mm white screw on lid, to fit on our clear plastic sweet jars with a 110mm neck.
110mm White Screw Lid
Qty: 1110mmwhitelidx1 0.28
Qty: 10110mmwhitelidx0 2.70
Qty: 25110mmwhitelidx25 6.40
Qty: 50110mmwhitelidx50 11.75
Qty: 100110mmwhitelidx100 22.06
Qty: 250110mmwhitelidx250 53.38
Qty: 500110mmwhitelidx500 103.21
Qty: 1000110mmwhitelidx1000 199.30
Qty: 2500110mmwhitelidx2500 480.45

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