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450ml Clear PET Cookie/Sweet Jar and 70/400 Aluminium Twist off Cap

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450ml Sweet Jar

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Capacity 500ml
Cap size 70mm
Cap Type Aluminium
Weight 25g
Material PET
Colour Clear
Height 95mm
Width 78mm x 101mm

450ml clear PET plastic, retro, with Aluminium screw on lid. This lid is lined to ensure the freshness of any product which is contained in the jar.

Ideal for storing or selling sweets, chocolates, vitamins, supplements, herbs, spices and much more.

Qty: 1450MLCJAR-70ATOx1 1.08
Qty: 10450MLCJAR-70ATOx10 10.27
Qty: 25450MLCJAR-70ATOx25 24.33
Qty: 50450MLCJAR-70ATOx50 45.96
Qty: 100450MLCJAR-70ATOx100 86.51
Qty: 154450MLCJAR-70ATOx154 129.07
Qty: 308450MLCJAR-70ATOx308 249.82
Qty: 616450MLCJAR-70ATOx616 482.97
Qty: 1232450MLCJAR-70ATOx1232 899.32

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