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Stock Clearance/ Lower Price Deals

Clearance items

Stock Clearance and Lower Price Deals

Just because this is the clearance section, it doesn't mean that the products here are not up to scratch. Within our clearance stock are end of line products and limited stock items. Each product is brand new and available direct from our warehouse for fast delivery.

We've also added our lowered price products here too as a quick point of reference for our customers!

1ltr White Swirl Bottle & 28mm White Screw Cap (Surplus)

Stock is limited... Hurry!
1 litre white HDPE plastic bottle with swirl shoulder design. Comes with 28mm white standard screw top cap, which has an inner EPE liner to avoid leakage.

The perfect bottle for household detergents, gardening, pet and car care products.
 1ltr White Swirl Bottle & 28mm White Screw Cap (Surplus)
Qty: 11LWSWIRL-28WCx1 0.36
Qty: 251LWSWIRL-28WCx25 8.88
Qty: 201LWSWIRL-28WCx50 17.31
Qty: 1001LWSWIRL-28WCx100 31.89

7ml Red Mini Glass Bottle and 13mm Cork (Sur)

This small red bottle is made from high quality clear glass and has a sprayed red coating to add to the aesthetics and durability of the bottle.

Ideal for use with samples, beard oils, powders and more.
7ml Red Mini Glass Bottle and 13mm Cork (Sur)
Qty: 1G7MLRSURP-13CORKx1 0.10
Qty: 25G7MLRSURP-13CORKx25 2.31
Qty: 50G7MLRSURP-13CORKx50 4.34
Qty: 100G7MLRSURP-13CORKx100 8.14
Qty: 250G7MLRSURP-13CORKx250 18.98
Qty: 500G7MLRSURP-13CORKx500 36.61
Qty: 1000G7MLRSURP-13CORKx1000 70.51
Qty: 2500G7MLRSURP-13CORKx2500 176.28
Qty: 5000G7MLRSURP-13CORKx5000 339.00

15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur)

15ml clear glass simplicity jar which is ideal for creams, cosmetics and toiletries. Being small and compact, perfect for a host of products for use as samples or for travel. Easily add your own labels to add this jar to fit in to your existing product ranges.
15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur)
Qty: 1G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx1 0.19
Qty: 25G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx25 4.51
Qty: 50G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx50 8.58
Qty: 100G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx100 16.28
Qty: 250G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx250 38.50
Qty: 500G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx500 72.60
Qty: 1000G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx1000 140.80
Qty: 2700G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx2700 356.40
Qty: 5400G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx5400 689.04
Qty: 10800G15MLCSIMSURP-NoLidx10800 1283.04

15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur) & 38mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap

15ml clear glass 'Simplicity' ointment jar complete with black R3 urea twist off cap. The cap comes complete with an EPE lining which offers additional protection and lasting freshness for your products. A small jar ideal for traveling.
15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur) & 38mm (R3) Black Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 1G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx1 0.38
Qty: 25G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx25 9.01
Qty: 50G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx50 17.14
Qty: 100G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx100 32.53
Qty: 250G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx250 76.93
Qty: 500G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx500 145.07
Qty: 1000G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx1000 281.34
Qty: 2700G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx2700 712.15
Qty: 5400G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx5400 1376.83
Qty: 10800G15MLCSIMSURP-38Bx10800 2563.75

15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur) & 38mm (R3) Aluminium EPE Lined Cap

15ml clear glass 'Simplicity' jar complete with EPE lined, 38mm aluminium screw cap. The lining in the aluminium cap provides added long lasting freshness for a range of products such as cosmetics and toiletries. Perfect to take with you on the go or for use as product samples.
15ml Clear Glass Simplicity Jar (Sur) & 38mm (R3) Aluminium EPE Lined Cap
Qty: 1G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax1 0.41
Qty: 25G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax25 9.85
Qty: 50G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax50 18.74
Qty: 100G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax100 35.55
Qty: 250G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax250 84.07
Qty: 500G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax500 158.53
Qty: 1000G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax1000 307.46
Qty: 2700G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax2700 778.25
Qty: 5400G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax5400 1504.61
Qty: 10800G15MLCSIMSURP-38Ax10800 2801.69

40kg Scaffold Bag

40kg capacity 'scaffold bag' measuring 45cm x 50cm. A strong industrial sack with carrying handles suitable for a wide range of building aggregate. Ideal for scaffold fittings, bricks, sand, gravel, stones, wood chips and more.

Can also be used for animal feed, gardening materials and recycling waste.
40kg Scaffold Bag
Qty: 1ScaffoldBagx1 2.45

50ml Clear Opal San Jar With Black Lid (SURPLUS)

50ml Clear screw top jar, with black smooth lid (Lid has a liner) helping to prevent leakage..

The clear plastic allows the product within to be clearly seen, whilst the straight sides make adding a label easy too!

Great for a range of products: creams , lotions, craft products etc. Hurry stock is limited!
 50ml Clear Opal San Jar With Black Lid (SURPLUS)
Qty: 150MLCJARSURPx1 0.32
Qty: 2550MLCJARSURPx25 7.60
Qty: 5050MLCJARSURPx50 14.40
Qty: 10050MLCJARSURPx100 27.20
Qty: 24650MLCJARSURPx246 62.98
Qty: 49250MLCJARSURPx492 118.08
Qty: 98450MLCJARSURPx984 220.42
Qty: 196850MLCJARSURPx1968 425.09
Qty: 246050MLCJARSURPx2460 511.68

50ml White Round HDPE Bottle (Sur) & 28mm/400 Black PP Cap

Limited Stock!
50ml HDPE bottle, this white plastic container comes with a black screw on cap with a 28mm neck.

Designed for pharmaceutical products, including vitamins, supplements and more.
50ml White Round HDPE Bottle (Sur) & 28mm/400 Black PP Cap
Qty: 150MLWSURP-28BPPx1 0.09
Qty: 2550MLWSURP-28BPPx25 2.03
Qty: 5050MLWSURP-28BPPx50 3.83
Qty: 10050MLWSURP-28BPPx100 7.18
Qty: 25050MLWSURP-28BPPx250 16.74
Qty: 60050MLWSURP-28BPPx600 38.75
Qty: 120050MLWSURP-28BPPx1200 76.07
Qty: 240050MLWSURP-28BPPx2400 149.26
Qty: 480050MLWSURP-28BPPx4800 292.78
Qty: 960050MLWSURP-28BPPx9600 574.08

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