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10ml Natural LDPE Dropper Bottle, Dropper And 14mm White T/E Screw Cap

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10ml plastic dropper bottle

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Capacity 10ml
Cap size 14mm
Weight 6g
Material LDPE
Colour Natural
Height without cap 63mm
Height with cap 66mm
Diameter 24mm
Label Height 21mm
Box Quantity 2500
Pallet Quantity 30000

10ml LDPE, squeezable plastic dropper bottle complete with tamper evident screw top cap and dropper insert.

An opaque plastic, allowing product level to be easily seen. Ideal for a controlled dispensing of liquid due to the dropper insert. Perfect for eliquids, eye and ear drops, medical and vet treatments, health, beauty and pharmaceutical liquids and more

The bottle can also be used without the dropper.

Qty: 1 PK1 B1862N/C3776W/C3016N 0.28
Qty: 25PK25B1862N/C3776W/C3016N 6.15
Qty: 50PK50 B1862N/C3776W/C3016N 12.00
Qty: 100 PK100B1862N/C3776W/C3016N 23.38
Qty: 250 PK250B1862N/C3776W/C3016N 56.92
Qty: 500 PK500B1862N/C3776W/C3016N 107.68
Qty: 1000 PK1000B1862/C3776W/C3016N 203.06
Qty: 2500PK2500B1862/C3776W/C3016N 476.87
Qty: 5000PK5000B1862/C3776W/C3016N 892.22
Qty: 10000PK10000B1862C3776W/C3016N 1722.90

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