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4 ltr Natural Ice Cream Tub With Lid (IP)

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Ice Cream Container

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Capacity 4000ml
Shape Rectangle
Weight 128g
Lid Tamper-Evident
Material Food Grade Polypropylene
Type Food Grade Approved
Colour translucent
Width 169mm
Length 225mm
Height 150mm

4 Litre Tall Natural Ice-Cream Tub with pressure lid. Perfect for the storage of many foodstuffs. A dish washer safe, reusable container.

An inexpensive way to keep your foods stuffs fresher for longer. Ideal for ice-creams, salads, fruits and dairy products etc.

Made form quality PP Polypropylene suitable for direct food contact.

Qty: 1F4LNICTUBx1 1.09
Qty: 25F4LNICTUBx25 26.68
Qty: 50F4LNICTUBx50 51.98
Qty: 100F4LNICTUBx100 95.76
Qty: 250F4LNICTUBx250 232.56
Qty: 500F4LNICTUBx500 424.08
Qty: 1000F4LNICTUBx1000 848.16
Qty: 1800F4LNICTUBx1800 1428.19
Qty: 2400F4LNICTUBx2400 1772.93

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