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140ml Clear Clear Round Plastic Food Pot & 69mm Lid

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140ml Plastic Food Pot And Lid

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Type Food Grade Approved
Safety Microwave & Dishwasher Safe
Capacity 140ml
Weight 9g
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Colour Natural
Height 53mm
Top Diameter 66mm
Base Diameter 56mm

140ml Clear plastic food pot with tamper evident lid.

Ideal for after dinner desserts, lunch pots, jelly pots, cheesy dips and more. We've even had customer inquiries whether our pots are suitable for alcoholic jellies (which they are).

Food grade approved, perfect for display purpose due to the transparent plastic.

If you're planning to take your product wholesale then our larger order quantities could just be for you.

Qty: 1F140MLCTHx1 0.10
Qty: 25F140MLCTHx25 2.32
Qty: 50F140MLCTHx50 4.53
Qty: 100F140MLCTHx100 8.82
Qty: 250F140MLCTHx250 21.46
Qty: 500F140MLCTHx500 41.72
Qty: 1200F140MLCTHx1200 97.27
Qty: 2400F140MLCTHx2400 188.81
Qty: 4800F140MLCTHx4800 354.74
Qty: 9600F140MLCTHx9600 663.71

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