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150ml Clear PCR10 PET Plastic Tubular Bottle & 24mm Aluminium Screw Cap

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150ml PCR PET Plastic Bottle

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Capacity 150ml
Neck size 24mm
Material PET
Closure 24mm Aluminium Cap
Colour Clear
Weight 16g
Height 136mm
Diameter 43mm
Box Quantity 360

150ml cylindrical clear PET plastic bottle, a modern shaped bottle is sure to enhance your product, comes complete with aluminium screw cap.

All the look of glass yet plastic, resulting in a lighter alternative to your usual glass choice. The clear plastic enhances the natural beauty of the product within. Perfect for cosmetic creams and lotions, health and car care products.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is part of our PCR10 range. This means post-consumer recycled and refers to any material that has already been used by consumers and placed back into the manufacturing process. So while this bottle is not only fully recyclable, at least 10% of the materials used to make it, have already been previously recycled.

All the post-consumer recycled material used in these products will be sourced from the UK wherever possible, in order to further reduce the carbon footprint that these new products create.

Qty: 1150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx1 0.64
Qty: 25150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx25 15.40
Qty: 50150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx50 30.01
Qty: 100150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx100 55.28
Qty: 360150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx360 193.33
Qty: 700150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx700 353.80
Qty: 1050150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx1050 514.11
Qty: 1750150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx1750 829.22
Qty: 2450150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx2450 1122.21
Qty: 3500150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx3500 1547.87
Qty: 5600150MLPETTUBE-24ALIx5600 2299.70

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