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15ml Clear PET Therapy Bottle & 18mm Black Dropper T/E Screw Cap

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15ml Clear PET Therapy Bottle & Black Dropper Cap

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Bottle Height
Capacity 15ml
Cap size 18mm
Weight 6g
Cap Type 18mm Compatibility
Material PET - Polyethylene terephthalate
Colour Clear
Diameter 26mm
Label Height Guide(Approx) 22mm

15ml Clear PET Therapy (Dropper) Bottle comes complete with an 18mm black screw cap with dropper insert for a controlled product flow. Cap is tamper evident too!

A lightweight and less fragile alternative to glass, perfect for housing a range of products: beard oils, aromatherapy oils, food colourings/ flavourings and much more

Qty: 115MLCTHER-18BDx1 0.38
Qty: 2515MLCTHER-18BDx25 9.03
Qty: 5015MLCTHER-18BDx50 17.59
Qty: 10015MLCTHER-18BDx100 34.24
Qty: 25015MLCTHER-18BDx250 83.20
Qty: 50015MLCTHER-18BDx500 161.65
Qty: 150015MLCTHER-18BDx1500 470.69
Qty: 300015MLCTHER-18BDx3000 912.86
Qty: 600015MLCTHER-18BDx6000 1654.56
Qty: 900015MLCTHER-18BDx9000 2567.42
Qty: 1500015MLCTHER-18BDx15000 4136.40
Qty: 3000015MLCTHER-18BDx30000 7702.26

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