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PET Black Plastic Bottles

PET Black Plastic Bottles

PET Black Plastic Bottles

Our glossy, PET Black Plastic Bottles are elegant in design and are sure to get your products noticed instantly. They are made from high quality black PET plastic, resulting in a sleek and lightweight, yet robust bottle. Black PET Bottles are ideal for many different applications, as the glossy black exterior is very eye-catching and appealing. Pair these bottles with white branding and you've got yourself a winning formula!

Compatible With A Wide Range Of Closures

Our PET black plastic bottles are compatible with a wide range of caps, including standard screw caps (for pouring liquids), atomisers (for a fine mist spray), disc top, flip top caps and lotion pumps (for dispensing controlled amounts of lotions, gels and thick liquids) and trigger sprays (for a fine mist or stream spray). These caps come in black, white and silver varieties so that you can choose the colour that most closely matches your brands colour scheme.

Suitable For Many Different Products

Thanks to their compatibility with many different caps, our black plastic bottles are perfect for packaging many different types of products! We recommend filling these bottles with hair and beauty products, bath and shower lotions, car care and cleaning products, men's toiletries and much more.

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