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Kids' Novelty Lunch/ Snack Boxes

disposable childrens meal container

Novelty animal lunch/snack boxes
Make children's lunches a little more fun with these black plastic food tub bases with clear, animal shaped, press on lids. Ideal for children's meals and snacks, particularly for storing party foods and treats.

With the animal lid removed, the base creates a sturdy bowl which are perfect for little hands! Our novelty animal shaped food pots are manufactured from quality PVC - a salt based material, which is fully recyclable. The crystal clear, animal shaped lids simply click into place to create a tight seal, making the perfect disposable lunch pot.

If your business puts on children's parties and events, our animal food pots would come in handy - how about using them instead of goodie bags? They can be filled with cakes, confectionery, snacks, sandwiches, fruit, nuts or even small toys.

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