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Eco-Safe PLA Plastic Juice Bottles

Group Of PLA Plastic Bottles

Eco-Safe PLA Plastic Juice Bottles
If you're looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastics, then our Eco-Safe PLA Juice Bottles are what you've been waiting for. They are made from 100% renewable sources such as cornstarch and sugar cane, making them a bioplastic and completely biodegradable!
But don't think this means a compromise on quality - PLA Bottles are perfectly suitable for packaging your ranges of juices, smoothies and waters with no more difficulty than traditional plastics such as PET and HDPE. Just make sure not to store them in warm environments as prolonged exposure to heat can cause the bottles to start to lose their shape.

250ml PLA Clear Plastic Juice Bottle & 38mm Black T/E Screw Cap (D)

'Eco-Safe Packaging For Your Juices'
250ml Clear (PLA) Plastic Juice Bottle - PLA is derived 100% from plants such as corn (Hence the slightly yellow tint of the plastic) The beauty of PLA is the Bottles can be composted or recycled. Comes complete with 38mm Black tamper evident screw cap.

If your product is 100% natural then why not have a 100% natural bottle! Perfect for flavoured waters, smoothies, milkshakes and more.

Important! Sold in box quantities only - Non Returnable

NB: Do not use this bottle in temperatures higher than 55˚C/ Temperatures lower than -40˚C/ Do Not Microwave.

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250ml PLA Clear Plastic Juice Bottle & 38mm Black T/E Screw Cap (D)
Qty: 160250MLPLAJD-38BLKx160 85.37
Qty: 320250MLPLAJD-38BLKx320 170.73
Qty: 480250MLPLAJD-38BLKx480 248.34
Qty: 640250MLPLAJD-38BLKx640 331.12
Qty: 800250MLPLAJD-38BLKx800 400.97
Qty: 960250MLPLAJD-38BLKx960 465.64
Qty: 1120250MLPLAJD-38BLKx1120 525.14
Qty: 2400250MLPLAJD-38BLKx2400 1086.49
Qty: 3200250MLPLAJD-38BLKx3200 1396.92
Qty: 4800250MLPLAJD-38BLKx4800 2017.77
Qty: 9600250MLPLAJD-38BLKx9600 3560.76

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