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Medium Black Sushi Container And Clear Lid 218x90

Size Medium
Length 218mm
Width 90mm
Lid Clear
Material PET
Type Food Grade Approved
Colour Black pot with clear lid
Pot Height incl lid 46mm
Weight 20g

Our Medium Black Sushi Container is made from black PET plastic with a clear PET press-down lid. The rectangular shape of the container is ideal for displaying lines of fresh sushi, making it an attractive option for consumers looking for a tasty lunch. The base of the container is textured, making it easier for the food to stay in place rather than slipping around the container during transit. Perfect for use in supermarkets and cafes that are catering to the meal deal market.

Qty: 50FMEDBLKSUSHIx50 7.62
Qty: 250FMEDBLKSUSHIx250 36.58
Qty: 400FMEDBLKSUSHIx400 56.08
Qty: 800FMEDBLKSUSHIx800 107.29
Qty: 1600FMEDBLKSUSHIx1600 204.83
Qty: 3200FMEDBLKSUSHIx3200 399.90
Qty: 6400FMEDBLKSUSHIx6400 760.78
Qty: 9600FMEDBLKSUSHIx9600 936.35
Qty: 19200FMEDBLKSUSHIx19200 1814.17

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