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20cc Clear Oval Sauce Pot With Hinged Lid

Capacity 20cc
Height incl. Lid 19mm
Widest Width 64mm
Lid Clear Hinged Lid
Material PET
Type Food Grade Approved
Colour Clear
Weight 2g

Our food-grade approved 20cc Clear Oval Sauce Pot is the smallest in our range of Clear PET Sauce Pots. As you can imagine, theyre designed for packaging dipping sauces, such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and more. The tiny capacity of this pot makes it ideal for single serving size portions, with the hinged press-down lid keeping the sauce contained whilst not in use and during transit.

Qty: 100F20COVALx100 5.16
Qty: 200F20COVALx200 9.91
Qty: 500F20COVALx500 23.74
Qty: 1000F20COVALx1000 45.41
Qty: 3000F20COVALx3000 130.03
Qty: 6000F20COVALx6000 253.87
Qty: 9000F20COVALx9000 362.23
Qty: 18000F20COVALx18000 594.43
Qty: 36000F20COVALx36000 1151.71

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