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10ml Clear Glass Roll-On Container With Silver Screw Cap And Roller Ball

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10ml glass applicator for lipgloss with silver lid

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Capacity 10ml
Cap size 16mm
Cap Type Roller ball Insert and Silver Screw Cap
Weight 27g
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Height without cap 89mm (with ball)
Height with cap 92mm
Diameter 20mm
Label Height 47mm
Box Quantity 884

A small 10ml Clear glass roller bottle with Silver screw on cap.

The perfect container for applying lip glosses, perfumes, aromatherapy solutions and more.

Comes with a roller ball application and is easy to fill by hand.

Qty: 1G10MLCROLLON-SSCx1 0.88
Qty: 10G10MLCROLLON-SSCx10 8.12
Qty: 25G10MLCROLLON-SSCx25 19.25
Qty: 50G10MLCROLLON-SSCx50 36.42
Qty: 100G10MLCROLLON-SSCx100 68.70
Qty: 200G10MLCROLLON-SSCx200 129.06
Qty: 400G10MLCROLLON-SSCx400 241.47
Qty: 600G10MLCROLLON-SSCx600 337.22
Qty: 884G10MLCROLLON-SSCx884 570.44
Qty: 1768G10MLCROLLON-SSCx1768 1067.28
Qty: 3536G10MLCROLLON-SSCx3536 1987.34

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