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Arese Cosmetic Jars

Luxury Plastic Cosmetic Jars

Here at Ampulla we stock a full range of Arese cosmetic jars, in varied colours and sizes, with protective shive, perfect for eye gels, lip balms, cuticle treatments, eye shadows and much more.

Our cosmetic jars give a quality look and feel to face creams, lotions, body scrubs and butters, body glitters, moisturisers and more.

150ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid

Give your product a modern look with this white PP jar. As part of our Arese range this jar comes in a range of sizes in two different colours.

This jar will be great for creams, lotions and much more.
150ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid
Qty: 1150MLWJARESE-76Wx1 1.18
Qty: 25150MLWJARESE-76Wx25 28.83
Qty: 50150MLWJARESE-76Wx50 56.18
Qty: 100150MLWJARESE-76Wx100 106.44
Qty: 250150MLWJARESE-76Wx250 251.33
Qty: 500150MLWJARESE-76Wx500 473.09
Qty: 1000150MLWJARESE-76Wx1000 887.04
Qty: 2500150MLWJARESE-76Wx2500 2143.68
Qty: 5000150MLWJARESE-76Wx5000 3991.68

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