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50ml Airless Dispenser Bottle (Frosted Body)

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50ml Airless Frosted Bottle

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Container Airless Technology
Capacity 50ml
Weight 58g
Material PP
Colour Polished Silver Cap and base
Colour Frosted plastic body
Height without cap 150mm
Height with cap 154mm
Diameter 33mm
Label Height 78mm
Box Quantity 192

50ml airless container. A sleek design with polished silver top and base, frosted plastic body. Easy fill due to the screw top.

Perfect for an accurate dispensing of many products, designed to use all product, ensuring less product wastage.

Suitable for lotions, creams, scrubs, moisturisers, Balms, hair serums and much more.

Qty: 1JY856C-SilFrostx1 2.82
Qty: 10JY856C-SilFrostx10 26.78
Qty: 25JY856C-SilFrostx25 65.18
Qty: 50JY856C-SilFrostx50 126.83
Qty: 100JY856C-SilFrostx100 239.57
Qty: 192JY856C-SilFrostx192 432.91
Qty: 576JY856C-SilFrostx576 1217.56
Qty: 960JY856C-SilFrostx960 1893.98
Qty: 2304JY856C-SilFrostx2304 4383.21

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