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100ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle and 48mm Clear Overcap

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100ml White Plastic Airless Bottle

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Container Airless Technology
Capacity 100ml
Weight 41g
Material PP
Colour White body
Height with cap 125mm
Height with cap 121mm
Diameter 47mm
Label Height 80mm

100ml glossy white plastic bottle with airless pump dispenser mechanism. Part of our premium range of airless dispensers, which will protect oxygen sensitive products via the prevention of air backflow during use.

This premium white dispenser bottle is perfect for cosmetics and hair care products, including moisturising face creams, anti-aging serums, body lotions, hair serums and more.

Qty: 1100MLADW-48ADx1 1.67
Qty: 25100MLADW-48ADx25 40.79
Qty: 50100MLADW-48ADx50 79.47
Qty: 100100MLADW-48ADx100 154.77
Qty: 312100MLADW-48ADx312 469.82
Qty: 624100MLADW-48ADx624 887.44
Qty: 936100MLADW-48ADx936 1252.86
Qty: 1872100MLADW-48ADx1872 2349.11
Qty: 3744100MLADW-48ADx3744 4385.00

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