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250ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle with 19mm Cork Cap

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250ml Clear Glass Polo Bottle

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Capacity 250ml
Internal neck size 19mm
Cap Type Cork Stopper Cap
Weight 352g
Material Glass
Colour Clear
Bottle Height 174mm
Width 63mm
Pallet Quantity 1665

25cl clear glass, round bottle complete with 19mm cork stopper cap.

A quality glass bottle ideal for a range of alcoholic spirits such as whisky, vodka and homemade gin as well as fruit wines, cordials flavoured waters or simply as use as a decanter.

Qty: 1250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx1 2.52
Qty: 25250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx25 59.87
Qty: 50250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx50 113.59
Qty: 100250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx100 214.90
Qty: 250250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx250 506.57
Qty: 500250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx500 951.74
Qty: 1000250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx1000 1780.68
Qty: 1665250mlCPolo-19mmcorkx1665 2760.37

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