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Glass Votives And Candle Making Jars

Glass Candle holders and perfume bottles

Glass candle making jars
Here you'll find an extensive range of glass votives in sizes to suit a range of candles and craft ideas. From our simple, yet stylish glass votives, to our heavy duty, professional classic glass candle jars, you're sure to find a container to suit you.

All our votives are manufactured from heavy duty clear glass, with thick bases, perfect for the stunning presentation of scented and coloured candles, wedding favours, shots, spirits and more.

38cl 'Islande' Glass Votive

38cl 'Islande' glass candle jar. Classic and simple in design, thick walled clear glass with thicker glass base.

Suitable for hot fill, making this an excellent choice for your candle creations or tealight holder.

Give your creations a touch of elegance with this beautifully crafted, crystal clear glass.
38cl 'Islande' Glass Votive
Qty: 1CBC5clIslax1 3.09
Qty: 25CBC5clIslax25 67.79
Qty: 36CBC5clIslax36 93.18
Qty: 72CBC5clIslax72 168.62
Qty: 108CBC5clIslax108 232.96
Qty: 252CBC5clIslax252 512.50
Qty: 504CBC5clIslax504 962.88
Qty: 1008CBC5clIslax1008 1863.65

Flat Glass Dish (12.5cm x 7cm)

The largest of our candle glasses is this 12.5cm x 7cm shallow clear glass dish, with a 9mm thick base. It will hold approximately 570ml of fluid.

Crystal clarity glass, ideal for your candle creations, including floating candles, or even potpourri.
Flat Glass Dish (12.5cm x 7cm)
Qty: 1CBC125cmDISHx1 3.91
Qty: 25CBC125cmDISHx25 85.93
Qty: 36CBC125cmDISHx36 118.12
Qty: 72CBC125cmDISHx72 213.74
Qty: 108CBC125cmDISHx108 295.30

200ml 'Cuban' Clear Glass Jar & 89mm (R3) Silver Urea Screw Cap

Thick walled 200ml 'Cuban' clear glass jar. Comes with screw on silver lid, helping to prevent leakage and preserve freshness.

This is an excellent container for many products, particularly face and body creams, scented candles, confectionery and more.
200ml 'Cuban' Clear Glass Jar & 89mm (R3) Silver Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 1G200MLCUBJARx1 3.44
Qty: 25G200MLCUBJARx25 81.16
Qty: 50G200MLCUBJARx50 152.77
Qty: 100G200MLCUBJARx100 286.44
Qty: 250G200MLCUBJARx250 692.24
Qty: 500G200MLCUBJARx500 1336.73
Qty: 1000G200MLCUBJARx1000 2482.51
Qty: 2736G200MLCUBJARx2736 5993.07

15oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid

Heavy duty clear glass classic shaped candle jar with heavy thick look push on lid, together making a stylish looking jar.

Perfect for homemade candles, especially if you're looking to sell them on and want a quality look! The rubber lined lid helps create a tight seal, helping to lock in soothing fragrances.

These jars aren't just perfect for candles. If you're looking for an alternative sweet jar of gift jar, then this classic candle jar could be worth a go too.
15oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid
Qty: 1G15OZCLASSJARx1 2.95
Qty: 12G15OZCLASSJARx12 34.53
Qty: 24G15OZCLASSJARx24 65.52
Qty: 48G15OZCLASSJARx48 123.95
Qty: 96G15OZCLASSJARx96 233.74
Qty: 144G15OZCLASSJARx144 329.36
Qty: 288G15OZCLASSJARx288 616.21
Qty: 576G15OZCLASSJARx576 1147.44

22oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid

22oz clear glass classic shaped candle jar with thick clear glass lid. The lid has plastic ridges around the neck, helping create a tight seal when pushed into place on the jar (helping to lock in your sweet or spiced candle fragrances).

If you're looking for an alternative sweet jar, this classic jar could be worth a look. The clear glass offers maximum clarity for the product within.
22oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid
Qty: 1G22OZCLASSJARx1 3.30
Qty: 12G22OZCLASSJARx12 38.59
Qty: 24G22OZCLASSJARx24 73.23
Qty: 48G22OZCLASSJARx48 138.53
Qty: 96G22OZCLASSJARx96 149.84
Qty: 144G22OZCLASSJARx144 368.10
Qty: 288G22OZCLASSJARx288 688.71
Qty: 576G22OZCLASSJARx576 1282.43

31oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid

31oz classic candle jar with thick glass lid. The lid is rubber lined, helping to lock in the fragrances of scented candles.

Could be used as an alternative kitchen storage jar for tea, coffee and sugar, or for a sweet jar. This traditional look jar has a range of uses.
31oz Classic Glass Candle Jar With Lid
Qty: 1G31OZCLASSJARx1 3.73
Qty: 12G31OZCLASSJARx12 43.67
Qty: 24G31OZCLASSJARx24 82.86
Qty: 48G31OZCLASSJARx48 156.77
Qty: 96G31OZCLASSJARx96 295.61
Qty: 144G31OZCLASSJARx144 416.54
Qty: 288G31OZCLASSJARx288 779.34
Qty: 576G31OZCLASSJARx576 1451.17

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