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57cl Glass Bubble Ball Bowl

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glass bubble bowl

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57cl clear glass bubble vase or fish bowl. Create a stunning centrepiece with this quality look bowl.

Filled with sand, stones, glass gems etc and placed on a mirrored plate for the perfect finish! Wow you're wedding guests with the personal touch!

Qty: 1G57CLBUBx1 3.04
Qty: 12G57CLBUBx12 35.49
Qty: 24G57CLBUBx24 69.17
Qty: 48G57CLBUBx48 134.70
Qty: 96G57CLBUBx96 254.84
Qty: 192G57CLBUBx192 480.55
Qty: 384G57CLBUBx384 902.87
Qty: 768G57CLBUBx768 1689.23
Qty: 960G57CLBUBx960 1965.92

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