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20cl 'Meredith' Glass Votive

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glass votive jar

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Capacity 20cl
Product Name 20cl Meredith Votive
Height 86mm
Top Diameter 74mm
Base Diameter 67mm
Base thickness Approx 20mm

Simple yet stylish 20cl Meredith glass votive. Quality made clear glass votive with thick (20mm approx.) base. Makes for the perfect candle jar.

Perfect for tea-lights or small votive candles make for the perfect container, where the need to add ambient lighting perfect for those summer evenings in the garden.

Qty: 120cl'Meredith'Votivex1 1.13
Qty: 1020cl'Meredith'Votivex10 10.94
Qty: 2520cl'Meredith'Votivex25 26.69
Qty: 4020cl'Meredith'Votivex40 40.63
Qty: 8020cl'Meredith'Votivex80 77.07
Qty: 16020cl'Meredith'Votivex160 145.83
Qty: 32020cl'Meredith'Votivex320 274.99
Qty: 64020cl'Meredith'Votivex640 516.64
Qty: 128020cl'Meredith'Votivex1280 966.61
Qty: 240020cl'Meredith'Votivex2400 1687.42

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