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20cl 'Karen' Glass Votive

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glass candle jar

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Capacity 20cl
Weight 256g
Material Glass
Height 84mm
Top Diameter 70mm
Bottom Diameter 67mm
Box Quantity 24
Pallet Quantity 2,040

20cl 'Karen' glass candle jar. Classic and simple in design, thick walled clear glass votive with thicker glass base.

Suitable for hot fill, making this an excellent choice for your candle creations or tealight holder.

Can be used as a drinks tumbler too.

Qty: 1Karen20clVotivex1 1.30
Qty: 25Karen20clVotivex25 28.64
Qty: 50Karen20clVotivex50 54.68
Qty: 72Karen20clVotivex72 71.25
Qty: 144Karen20clVotivex144 131.24
Qty: 288Karen20clVotivex288 247.49
Qty: 504Karen20clVotivex504 406.86
Qty: 1008Karen20clVotivex1008 787.46
Qty: 1152Karen20clVotivex1152 839.96
Qty: 2304Karen20clVotivex2304 1619.91

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