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Glass Preserve Jars

Clear glass preserve jam and sauce jars

Glass preserve jars
Whether it's your prized pickles, champion chutneys or fabulous fruity jam creations that you need a jar for, or whether you're looking for a kitchen storage solution for all those half used baking products, here at Ampulla, we're sure to have the right glass jar to suit your needs.

Our glass preserve jars come in a range of sizes and shapes, from our Verrine jars, perfect for cooking sauces, spicy dips and pickled chutneys, to our Bonta jars, oozing style and elegance, suitable for a wide range of foods.

Our glass preserve jars are suitable for hot curry pastes, spicy chilli dips, cooking sauces, pickled onions, marinated vegetables and more.

Quality glass jars
All our jars are made from quality clear glass and come complete with quality twist off closures. Many lids are available in a choice of colours and all lids come with a rubber lining (vinegar and acidic proof), creating an airtight seal whilst ensuring your products stay fresher for longer. Our jars and lids ensure your fruity pickled creations not only taste good, but look good too.

Suitable for a range of products
Jams, marmalades, chutneys, honey, pickles, herbs and spices, pasta sauces, dips, jellies, salsas, confectionery and more.

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Orcio jars
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Chutney jars
Hexagonal jars
Food jars

Half Gallon Clear Glass Pickle Jar & 82mm Silver Twist Off Lid

Large glass preserve jar, known within the pickling industry as a 'Half-Gallon' comes complete with brushed silver twist-off lid.

For the bulk storage of jams, chutneys, pickles, sauces, this is brilliant! And because the twist off lids are rubber lined, you can rest assured your fruity creations will stay as fresh as the moment in which they were prepared!
Half Gallon Clear Glass Pickle Jar & 82mm Silver Twist Off Lid
Qty: 1Halfgalpickle/82silverx1 3.17
Qty: 12Halfgalpickle/82silverx12 36.19
Qty: 48Halfgalpickle/82silverx48 137.13
Qty: 72Halfgalpickle/82silverx72 194.27
Qty: 120Halfgalpickle/82silvx120 285.69
Qty: 168Halfgalpickle/82silvx168 386.63
Qty: 320Halfgalpickle/82silvx320 685.64

Half Gallon Clear Glass Pickle Jar & 82mm Red/White Gingham

Extra large half gallon clear glass pickle jar with a large 82mm red and white gingham twist off lid. The lid is rubber lined for acidic products.

A large glass jar suitable for jams, marmalades, pickled onions, pickled eggs, beetroots, sauces, mincemeat, confectionery and more.
Half Gallon Clear Glass Pickle Jar & 82mm Red/White Gingham
Qty: 1GHALFGPIC-82RGINx1 2.88
Qty: 12GHALFGPIC-82RGINx12 32.91
Qty: 48GHALFGPIC-82RGINx48 124.69
Qty: 72GHALFGPIC-82RGINx72 176.64
Qty: 120GHALFGPIC-82RGINx120 259.78
Qty: 168GHALFGPIC-82RGINx168 351.56
Qty: 320GHALFGPIC-82RGINx320 623.46

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